Star Ocean: The Divine Force 40 Minute Showcase Announced for Next week

October is stacked with GP releases and a week after P5 finally comes to xbox

Yeah, that’s probably not gonna end well

I always remember this game because of the Knights of The Nine character.

Looking good, especially the combat system. Glad this is still coming this year.

Me too but I was hoping it wasnt October cause there is alot of games I am going to be playing already haha

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It’s not yet shown in the Xbox store but I just read that on the PS store it shows as October 27 indeed. Very nice that it’s releasing alongside Japan.

Looks even more better than I was expecting. It really is given a better budget just like it’s most recent Tales counterpart.

I heard the last game was awful, didn’t even have planet hopping unlike 4. This one seems to so thank goodness. Still don’t know if I want to get it or not, feel so soured off from Square Enix after FF7R exclusivity bs.

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Those facial animations look lifeless

Not digging the whole baby doll art direction here

Thats modern star ocean. But yeah shame they cant upgrade

This will no doubt be the last ever SO game so may as well enjoy it while we can.

tri-Ace loves doing baby doll faces lol

Achievements are already up btw, click at your own risk STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE Achievements - Xbox Series, Xbox One -

Why no doubt?

Because this game will bomb and SE are moving onto Gaas crap. Only FF dq and KH will survive.

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Ah I see. I’m hoping it will be at least good. If it is it will get my money.

I mean im buying physical day 1. Might not play it until ive beaten Royal Though


For me it just so many games are coming out around the time of release so it just a wait and see how many I beat by the time its out

Just to support jrpgs will probably buy it around lauch digital

Idk I think we’ll still get more games, they aren’t released frequently and they don’t really have big budgets either.

I hope it sells more than SO5, it’s on Steam and Xbox as well and the former should give it a good boost. I find it kind of hilarious how the PS4 version of SO5 sold less than the 360 version of SO4 :rofl:

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The key is the budget if they kept it low and are able to get a good roi, sense it’s not a direct square Enix team man power for them isn’t a main problem (outside of marketing and possible a qa team or 2) I could see some more entries

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I like to collect these JRPG’s on xbox so I’ll wait for digital of SO to be really cheap before buying.

Another game I’m buying day 1 physical even though its on Gamepass…P5 Royal! Not up for pre order yet.

SO5 was abysmal…like really really bad. I quit playing after 3 hours it was that bad. Camera was abysmal and if these games aren’t fun to play they may as well be vaporware. SO4 had some hype around it and actually…a lot of those early 360 JRPG’s did sell well. They all did near 200k in Japan and even more outside Japan.

SO4 wasn’t great either but it was decent for its time and back then 360 was JRPG machine in the first 2-3 years.

The gameplay for this already looks way better than 5. I really hope this turns out well.

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Oh dear, sort of makes me glad it never came to Xbox and PC.

Yeah I remember SO4 and Vesperia selling quite well on the 360. I really moss those days, Enchanted Arms, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Vesperia, SO4, Resonance of Fate and FFXIII trilogy, we were really eating good then.