Square Enix and Xbox

Square Enix once moved their HQ because a fortune teller told them to (look it up)

Maybe they are also using fortune tellers on platform decisions


I think most of it has to do with risk assessment and how likely they think a certain game would be a success on Xbox. It explains why they are willing to put a game like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 on Xbox but not Tactics Ogre Reborn. The former has the name recognition that they likely believe will bring success, even on a non-Japanese centric platform, where they likely think the latter would be ignored due to the lack of brand recognition. Remember, the vast, vast, vast amount of gamers don’t pay too much attention to developers and publishes but they know game names. Those of us on message boards, forums, discord channels, social media, etc. that discuss publisher relationships and such are in the minority when looking at the 200+ million console gamers.

Not sure what can be done that isn’t already being done. Didn’t Xbox open an office in Japan? Maybe they need to be more involved? Hopefully the Series S continues to sell well enough in Japan so that the Xbox mindshare increases in the region. Maybe for games like this, Square would have ported it if the game was approved for Gamepass to help circumvent the recognition issue?

Japanese support on Xbox is a multi-level issue that isn’t just a problem with SE unfortunately. There’s a reason why it took so long to get the Persona games on Xbox. The brand just doesn’t have the install base and mindshare in the region. So the people at Xbox have to work 2-3x as hard to be part of the conversation.

Pretty sure that’s not how any of this works. Developers aren’t lazy and most businesses don’t sabotage potential deals and relationships to “butter up” with another company without reason.


Meh…Square-Enix games are overrated, imo.



Saw a tweet the other day by SE where they said 20 years of amazing partnership with Xbox.

Yeah sorry, I would say a very weird and inconsistent as fuck partnership.


Their mainline final fantasy games are tbh. Nintendo has xenoblade which is better imo. But squares small 2d hd games are very good.

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Think I’ll be getting a steam deck and enjoying all of their 2d re releases that way. To be honest I was about to order Tactics Ogre on switch from the SE shop as I prefer physical on switch since I don’t trust Nintendo anymore with digital downloads support, and the physical game, with shipping to Canada is like 90$ US!!! How can such a simple remaster can be that expensive!!! Noticed on Steam brand new it’s 66$ Canadian, and they are really expecting to see a lot of copies that way? No wonder they don’t release on Xbox, I’m even surprised people on other platforms would pay that much for old games to be honest, as good as they are. Thank god for my everdrive!

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  1. Glad to see you are back!

  2. Holy heck its true!! What the heck?!


Phil: “Do you want to see some magic?” releases FF games on all the platform and it starts to bring money
Square Enix: “Ohhhh”


In truth, even with all the skips, Square Enix is one of the biggest supporters of JRPGs on Xbox…

In 2022

  • Strangers of Paradise
  • Chrono Cross
  • Diofield Chronicle
  • Final Fantasy Crisis Core
  • Star Ocean 6

Is there any other JP publisher who put out 5 JRPGs on Xbox, hell, 5 games on Xbox in a single year? The quality of some of these are dubious but that is not the point.

And Xbox will most certainly be getting Dragon Quest XII and Kingdom Hearts IV from them.

So I think it’s often funny when I see Xbox fans say Square is being “hostile” to Xbox and that MS should “cut ties” and “not work with Square anymore” and that Square should “hurry up and sell to Sony” (even though they publish much more Switch exclusives than Sony exclusives)

I know there’s frustrations but I wanted to talk about what I think are some overreactions.


I am not sure if you can call Square Enix Xbox supporter if it is doing a regular job of a third party publisher there. They release a lot of games though. A lot of it is a junk though.

Which is ironically not thanks to Square Enix :rofl:

Well actually it’s Kemco. :doge: But seriously SE is the only publisher who’s focused on JRPGs. The other one would be NIS.

I’m not too sure about DQ. At this point Dragon Quest 10 offline will skip Xbox.

That’s true, but what are the reasons why Mana series, SaGa series and other non moneyhatted games are skipping Xbox ? They could also not accepting the offer by Sony to lock FF indefinitely on Playstation.

It’s probably because it’s not coming out in the West. Which is something I want Xbox to work on; Getting Japanese games even if they are not releasing in the West. But DQXII will release in the West and I think it will be fully multiplat including Xbox.

We simply don’t know. I think there are many different teams at Square with some trying to incorporate Xbox and some dismissing it. The Mana team has never touched Xbox before it seems like, and the SaGa team… well they did release Romancing SaGa 2 and 3 but perhaps didn’t get good results I guess.

DQX offline may as well skip everything.

Squaresoft >>>>>Square Enix.

They still make a few good games but their PS1 output is unmatched by current day Square. Its also funny how people will point out how most of Rare’s talent from the 90’s left the company, when pretty much the same can be said of Square.


Tfw square is your fav publisher and xbox is your fav console :pensive: