Spider-Man will be exclusive to Playstation version of Avengers. PlayStation also gets exclusive and timed cosmetics, early access to Beta

Hope Xbox see this and buy it’s own hero. C’mon Phil :craig:

Not mentioned timed exclusitivity = permanent exclusive. I hate that practise.

OMG. Craig is already an emoji ? :smiley:

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Yeh that’s true, considering they are being very smoke and mirrors about it it could be permanent.

I’m looking forward to the game. I mainly think this business is how it is. People buy exclusivity for stuff. It’s sad and I think particularly egregious when they take content away like this and Destiny. The problem is clear, if MS just ignore it Sony will win some sort of perceived victory. If MS respond the cycle continues. I don’t really think there is any chance of Xbox buying anything in this game, it’s sony marketed and Spider-Man is their property. Fortunately I think the other heroes are better to play in this game. Still a shame.

Sony has reached a state where buying exclusivity for their console is not going to harm them in any way. They can do whatever they do, their fans have no problem with it.




Yes he is! We’re at the best place for Xbox :philwins:

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This is true. But I also think it makes no difference to them. They won’t sell loads more systems because of an exclusive character in a game. They were going to sell loads more anyway…

I was on the fence. Congrats CD and SE, I’m off the fence now! :slight_smile: (I’m getting Crash 4… or Watch Dogs.)

Wait this game has cross play, right? Haha imagine playing with a friend from Playstation and suddenly they can’t. For the players…

I know why crossplay was such a bad thing for Playstation. It makes it harder to implement timed exclusive in game stuff. See Modern Warfare.

I have no interest in this game but I fear this will happen again and again and again…

Crossplay and Crossave is the future and stuff like this… urgh.

Just imagine the outrage if MS was doing the very same …

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I was on the edge for grabbing this game… not anymore. They arent getting a sigle cent from me.

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Then why even do it? Sony is using practices that Microsoft was accused of in the past. It’s bad practice, there is no way around that. But it works apparently, always worked. It’s basically the “it’s not enough that I win, others should fail” mentality.

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We already know what happens then. Look at the outrage around Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s double standards, nothing else.

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Gambit incoming :phil_lmao:

(Also hell yeah Shaman King)


Could have sworn this was already announced a while ago. :thinking:

I’ll be honest. I’m all in for Avengers once the next gen upgrade gets released for Xbox Series X and Spider Man being playable for PS4/PS5 isn’t going to change that simply because im playing as The Avengers and have zero interest in playing as Spider Man in the game. Besides, I’ll have Miles Morales once I eventually buy a PS5 as well as the eventual Spider Man 2.

A exclusive Thanos Skin of :craig: would be a system seller tbh. Dammit … now i want it so bad…

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