Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus Out Now On Xbox One and Xbox Series!

Phil Spencer must have reevaluate relationship with Sega/Atlus to mke this happen :phil_lmao:


How does Soul Hacker compare to Persona? Is it more of a dungeon crawler? I didn’t really like the dialogue heavy, slice-of-life parts of Persona.

I might buy this just to support more of this kind of game on Xbox but im not sure if i’ll like it yet. Im already not sure about it by the look of the characters.

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Congrats to everyone that enjoys these types of games!

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It will be incredibly hard to gauge how this particular game will compare to Persona for now. Soul Hackers 1 is a first person dungeon crawler from 1997 so we don’t really know what Atlus is gonna do with a modern version. I played and finished Soul Hackers 1 on 3DS though, it was not dialogue or slice of life heavy at all (also short-ish for a JRPG, at about 30 hours doing quite a bit of side content). SMT V could be a more proper comparison, and it was one of the most dialogue-light JRPGs I’ve ever played (Plenty of content though, took me about 70 hours to finish 100%), to the point where some people complained there wasn’t ENOUGH cutscenes lol.

I do not expect this to have Persona’s slice-of-life elements in much capacity. I even extremely doubt there is social links, and these characters don’t even appear to be high schoolers either.


The English site went up with some screenshots.



Nice to finally have an Atlus game on Xbox again. Hoping we get SMTV and P5R too afterwards.

Interesting they’re not using Devil Summoner in the title btw…

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Cool stuff. Im liking what im hearing so hopefully it’ll be something im into once they reveal more. Thanks for all the info!

Gematsu article went up, plenty of details here. Character bios, story information, gameplay stuff.


Change is happening

My most anticipated game of 2022 now. Hopefully people on Xbox buy it.


It’s official. The world is ending.


It’s more about supporting the only game they seem to want to port over to Xbox, in the hopes maybe they see the cash they could be making by porting other games, has nothing really to do with the game honestly. I’m gonna buy it regardless to hopefully help people get the other Atlus games they want if they see the success on Xbox.

I know it doesn’t always work like that but I do think money talks and if there is a big sales surge on the series because its on Xbox then surely they would reconsider their other games.


This was found in the files of the official website, so it looks like they’ve withheld the Switch announcement for whatever reason


Or maybe not… This was found too lmao. Might just be placeholder files from some other site they forgot to delete

Allegedly why it’s not on Switch. I didn’t watch the stream so I don’t actually know if this guy is BS-ing or not

KOF15 had marketing with Sony.

Do you guys think that Shpeshal Nick’s sources might have got this game mixed up with P5? Im personally not interested in it but I wonder if it still might be coming.

Nick redeemed :phil_lmao:

Nah, I think it’s a case of them trying to get Persona on xbox and this is just testing the waters

Getting Persona was always going to be tricky with Atlus being Atlus and it always being a PS exclusive

As I mentioned before, I believe that just with Yakuza - Phil & Sega want to announce multiple Persona games coming to Xbox in Game Pass at once. There were rumors about P3 or P2 remake, so I won’t be surprised that they are waiting to announce all of them.

Like rather than P5R or P4G coming to Game Pass - one game per month - they will make a splash with all of them (like it happened with Yakuza)

Sega finally got Atlus come out of the closet. This year is certainly strange.