Soul Hackers 2 from Atlus Out Now On Xbox One and Xbox Series!

Hell has frozen over folks! I wonder if THIS is what was happening when Nick was hearing about Persona on Xbox? Well, anyway, I loved LOVED Soul Hackers 1 on 3DS. I’m super excited for this, I kinda hope we can get a port of 1, it’s quite dated by now (it’s a Saturn game), but it still holds one of the most unique JRPG settings of all time.

Not sure if it will actually keep the “Shin Megami Tensei” title. I put it in the title because the 3DS game did (though this was always a marketing thing Atlus West did. Japanese version was never called SMT)


EDIT: They are not retaining the “Shin Megami Tensei” name for the Western version, so I removed it from the thread title.





Pre-ordering for chance at future games lol


If you want more of this you really should support and preorder it.




Thanks Phil. You rule.


I’m not even slightly interested in whatever this game is but I might just do that to help y’all in your cause



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Fuck it, goin’ all in on this one.

Project Re;Fantasy? That’s launching on Xbox.

Etrian Odyssey Next? Okay this one I’m skeptical on. It’s probably very much a Switch game through and through. But I think this Soul Hackers 2 marks Atlus wanting to do multiplat development from now on.

And the big daddy of them all? Persona 6? Yep, I’m getting the feeling that’s on lock for an Xbox launch. No way Xbox was talking to Atlus and didn’t bring up motherfuckin Persona.


Yeah same, don’t give a crap about most of the moneyhat games but I feel like I should buy this so the people who really want em have some hope maybe this will become the norm.


Fucking finally! Can’t believe it.

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Trailer, by the way, and I added it to OP. Gameplay looks EXACTLY like P5’s, so I think people who want Persona on Xbox should be picking this up.

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We didn’t used to have Yakuza, Dragon Quest, Danganronpa, Nier, Tales was gone, and so on. Phil visited Japan and we got them all. Things are improving for damn sure. Small market on Xbox for these games, but yet they make the effort. Much, much appreciated!


ugh kinda insane it seems like there is no Switch version but there is a Xbox version lol what timeline is this


Not enough teraflops and no SSD sadly :p3:

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I said it in the community thread but SMT V was not running too well on Switch. I beat it 100%. Enjoyed it a lot. But the performance? Not good, and this game is looking like it might be more higher fidelity. Nintendo’s gotta hurry up with that Switch 2 or this could start happening more.


as someone who doesn’t play any games remotely like this, though I think one of the 360 games I played is like this, would Enchanted Arms on 360 be similar to this game? that is the only Japanese style game I’ve played (lol)

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Don’t worry, I’ve never played a JRPG either. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The trailer has some snippets of gameplay, but considering it looks pretty much like how Persona 5 played, and Persona 5 was quite a lot of people’s first JRPG and managed to hook them, I think this game could easily do the same.

Flashy turn based battles against demons, hitting their elemental weaknesses to give yourself extra turns (they can do this to you too), also having conversations with the demons to recruit them, fusing demons together to create more powerful demons to fight with… This is all what is found in a typical SMT game. Probably sounds like a bunch of gibberish, I’m sure. I’m sure this will be very accessible for JRPG newcomers though, again, many people got into the genre from Persona 5.