Sony will explore expanding first party titles to PC, in order to promote further growth in profitability

In Page 45.

SIE aims to achieve robust revenue growth by accelerating the virtuous cycle that has been established for the PlayStation Platform. This entails increasing active users and play time, enhancing network services and reinforcing content IP so that consumers select PlayStation as their platform of choice. Targeted outcomes include growth in active users, stronger retention and a shorter cash conversion cycle, from which expanded cash flow can be expected. We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability .

Give us Bloodborne and Demons Souls Sony.

Bloodborne soon for sure,

Demon Souls not even out for ps5 yet lmao. It’ll probably be select titles and at least a year or two older games. God of War would be huuuuge.

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I want to live in the future where all “1st party” games from Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo come to PC. I’m tired of buying three consoles. :smile:


I wish Sony/Microsoft also supported GOG, rather than Steam only.

Completely conjecture on my part and just thinking about possibilities out loud, but I wonder if Sony’s investment in Epic and their work with them in designing aspects of the PS5 has any influence on whether they would ever make their games exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

The most consumer friendly option is to have it on all digital marketplaces, for sure. That might be the most profitable as well. But now that Sony profits from Epic’s success, it makes you wonder what the future holds.

My understanding of the business side of things especially when it comes to PC digital stores is next to none so I could be completely off and my hypothetical question could be really dumb, heh.

I would have no issues with EPIC store exclusivity.

Good. Exclusives suck. Probably a lot of reasons for this move. I personally don’t think the cross over is that big in terms of people that spend a lot of money on both console and PC. In the rare occasion where people have both, they only spend the majority of their money on one platform. I suspect that would be PC if they have both devices, and people might buy a console for 3 or 4 games and not buy anything else. Not exactly a valuable customer to console manufacturers. So imo the cross over in the two markets isn’t much, also when your biggest competitor is already putting their games on PC, not much to lose.

As for another reason people rarely mention and I think it’s the main long term reason is cloud gaming. Sony will want to use multiple cloud vendors for their game streaming services. Those cloud vendors are not going to put PlayStations in their datacenters. So if Sony wants to expand their cloud streaming offerings and keep their options open with multiple vendors, they will develop on the one common platform between them all. Windows PCs. By the end of the generation or by the end of the decade I’d expect every Sony game to be day and date with PC. Should be fun for the console warriors.

I would assume Sony’s tiny investment in Epic is more to do with their film business and Epic’s business opportunities in that market. Also, probably a no brainer in terms of investments. That company is about to grow big time.

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I said quite some time ago on the podcast that I had been told that initially there would be a deal with Epic but Sony would eventually have their own launcher.

Been saying since the start of this year that Sony will eventually put everything on PC.

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It would be awesome if they started supporting PC day and date as the console versions. There is still value in console exclusives for the millions who play on console and don’t care about gaming on a PC. They are leaving a lot of money on the table by ignoring that market.

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Can’t wait for all these games to be available everywhere so “console wars” aren’t a thing. People can judge games on themselves and not the platform that they are on. It’s good (but inevitable) that Sony will put their games on PC. Good to hear.


It would definitely kneecap the console wars. There would be initial pushback from the usual suspects but everyone else will be too busy playing games to care.

That’s why I’d love a one console future. Companies can compete with their games and people can shut up about differences in hardware.

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Cannot say that I would love this. Competition leads to innovation…no way on earth would we be getting the XB1X or XSX without Microsoft having the start to this generation that they had. They got comfortable and they got torched.

A monopoly on hardware will lead to one thing, less investment in said hardware, or less risky investment. Monopolies never ever move the needle. In addition to this, you could very easily expect to see an increase in prices for not only hardware, but also software. Expect to see services going absolutely nowhere.

If sony released their games on steam why would anyone buy a ps5? Rhetorical question.

Some people just prefer gaming on console. There is a huge constituency that likes gaming in this manner, having a console that they know will play the games they want over a 6 year period without having to upgrade.

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From the way it’s worded it sounds like they have no plans of an all encompassing ecosystem, that their focus will be on the consoles and once the games stop selling they will move them to pc to make for bigger profits.

(As opposed to Ms approach that extended their ecosystem to pc and offered their own store, subs and cross buy)

I said rhetorical

99% of console gamers would continue to buy a PS5 given that most casuals would never ever buy a gaming PC.

Typical PR talk. They will not “explore”, they already did. I love how people still think something like “once Sony sees the PC money, they will release more games”…no, they won’t see - they already saw that. Journey, Beyond Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human are all Sony trademarked games which were released on PC. HZD was not an “experiment”, an “exploration”, it’s Sony already implementing their new business policy. Yes, they are doing it step by step, but that has nothing to do with “eXpLORatIoN” - they are doing it slowly (and carefully wording it in PR statements) to avoid angering the most hysterical Sony fanboys (many of them on Youtube channels, some on gaming media) about what is already a established business policy.

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I hope they do it. If they do, it will be the final push that gets me to consolidate all my gaming on PC instead of spreading it across PC and Consoles.