Sony: "We expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform"

“We expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform,” a Sony spokesman said Thursday.

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Shock horror, the headline is clickbait, as Sony is only referring to current obligations, which is totally correct because we have precedent.

They know the games will be going exclusive.


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So this is nothing new actually (although we don’t know how long lasts the COD marketing deal)

Basically this: I Want More GIF


What ya want and what ya get Jim… is two different things Sonyboy.

COD 2023 Xbox Series exclusive. Wanna play it on Playstation… buy an Xbox :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

That’s the big question because if it is for a couple of more years, I think Microsoft tries to buy out that contract

Playstation got COD marketing/DLC in 2015 with BLOPS3 so if they signed it’s a 10 year contract they’ll still have marketing for the next 4 CODs.

It’s a smart thing to say, to spread uncertainty and calm down the stocks, also they know most news websites will report the thing with clickbait titles, even the original source did, lmao.


This. This statement is just to ease the shareholders guys. Sony lost $20billion in market cap after the announcement and they want to stop people from selling. There is nothing more to it.


I hope nobody, especially here, will take this seriously. This is just an attempt to cool the flames. I’m pretty sure they said something like they still think they’re getting Elder Scrolls as well back then too.


It was Starfield… Jim Ryan said he didn’t know if it was coming to Playstation.

Elder Scrolls 6 is that far out… Playstation might be sitting with Atari by then :joy::joy::joy:

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Been reported in various other places so maybe add a link to non paywall to OP

It just seems to be standard blah about existing contracts and some wishful anti-trust will look at exclusives.

For sure even if it remains multi-plat long term, once the contracts expire these perks will be transferred to Xbox platforms, and if they are really a differentiator to consumers we should see a platform shift amongst that set of players.

It’s a plus for Xbox either way.

Sony is gone to get Warzone updates and they will like it if im MS i cut them off everywhere else fuck playing nice. Sony was hellbent on killing off Xbox after 2013 Xbox One Reveal i still remember that never forget the dark days for us Xbox Player that stick around.

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With Starfield Jim made it clear he had no idea if it would still come to PlayStation. Wonder if there’s more to this, this makes them sound confident, as if they know more? I don’t know.

They will be exclusive, Sony!

presumably the COD deals are multi year, so Sony will have them until current deal expires. So Sony will definitely know how many COD they are still getting to their console

Then I don’t get why Sony is even saying this, MS honored Deathloop, will honor Ghostwire Tokyo and some stuff maybe in the future we don’t yet know about. They also have kept TESO on their platforms…so…okay, Sony?


Yeah true, we’ve only been guessing this year could be CoD’s last entry on PS, but who knows what kind of deals Sony made with AB.

I read from a couple people that PlayStation renewed their marketing deal with activation before the current gen started for Cod. Anyone think Microsoft will just cancel it and take a hit?

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Stop the stocks falling ever more. XD

Also give the delusion of not losing big games.