Sony: "We expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform"

I’ve no idea how those things work and for how long, but if they renewed it for the whole rest of this console generation… I don’t think MS is too happy about that.

But I have no idea how hard it is to manoeuvre around that, cancel it. How much of a legal hassle it will be.

MS is not gonna want the scrutiny.

  • Overwatch 2 (technically a game update) and all further updates to GAAS will continue.
  • Warzone will continue as multiplat.
  • CoD will remain multiplat until end of marketing deal (can’t find a concrete source on it, but some are saying 2023)
  • Any possible signed exclusives or marketing deals such as Wumpa League will go multiplat/exclusive to PS5 (if such a deal was signed)

After that, we’ll see. Regardless, the company lost 20 billion dollars in value in a day. It’s in their best interests to douse the flames a tad. The real answer is we’ll have to wait and see.


People need to realise that Playstation is essential to Sony, and any threat to the business is a threat to the overall company and this purchase very much hurts Sony.

For once, I don’t think investors were overreacting too much once the news broke because it’s not great news for Sony we can agree on that lol.



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Someone here said Sony apparently has renewed the deal for this gen. 2023 would be surprisingly short then.

What I wonder is, when Xbox was about to make the deal, did they have insight into things like that, how long a deal by Sony was going to last? If yes and for example the deal is that CoD ships on PS at least for several more years, can’t imagine MS being too happy about that.


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It seems Bloomberg went with that title too.

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Yes I have to imagine MS was aware of any deals in place.

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Loss of potential sales, mtx, psplus subs, etc. Microsoft definitely has the money to pay the fee, whether its in the tens, millions or billions. But they probably don’t wanna take the reputation hit since all eyes are on them right now so they might just let it play out till the contracts are finished. There might be more marketing deals from other activation games that we don’t know about.

That’s very likely, Bobby always sided with the “winners”, until his empires has started to crashing down and he came back to MS. Karma.

He still wins at the end with a huge payout. Unless the situation comes back at him in the future in some way lol

Are there other Activision games nowadays?


Who knows man.

He gets the golden parachute, yes, but his legacy ends on a sorrow note. He is not retiring as the big winner, not at all.

No lol. Activision went all in on COD and Grubb mentioned that this is partially what made Activision realise it was time to sell because it was getting harder to keep the perpetual growth going.

True but he probably doesn’t care. Money is all that matters to people like him and this is like a path to retirement

Though I hope he gets his just deserts

Let Sony undo their FF7R and FF16 shenanigans, also slow down or just stop with those timed exclusivity deals lasting a year, two years or longer and Xbox can then let CoD stay where it is.

Hey, I would be fine with this really. CoD is incredibly important for Sony.

I know it doesn’t work like this at all though, sadly.


I reckon Sony would relent all their deals for keeeping COD, even if you sum all of them on top of their exclusives, they still fall short of COD yearly revenue


Seems like a smart way to calm it’s investors and fanbase. The reality is that they need to figure things out ASAP! By 2025 Xbox is going to be releasing massive titles quarterly to boost game pass subs all year round. This is something you just cant rush to compete with. Games take time to create and luckily for Xbox they just bought a ton of developers with massive games coming all within the next 1 to 5 years. We barely have a a real outlook on PS5 future releases so the idea of them doing anything to change the narrative seems impossible to me.

Starfield, Avowed, Fable, Gears, COD, WOW, Diablo, Doom, Forza H + M, Halo, Banjo, Crash, Perfect Dark, Outer worlds 2, Elder Scrolls, Overwatch, Redfall, Guitar Hero etc. etc.

They have so many popular games, in so many different genre’s it’s just not realistic to expect an “answer” to this. I wouldn’t even bother with sparticus unless I’m going all in with first parties because anything less will look extra bad by comparison and Sony really can’t afford any negative press with this shadow looming over them. Hell, skipping E3 is also gonna look really bad starting this year and beyond. I think they and it’s fanbase don’t understand the tightrope microsoft just put them on.

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