Sony to bring more PS5 games to PS4?


“Obviously, our eyes and our horizons have lifted with regards to what’s possible with that PS4 community, based on what we’ve observed over the last six months,” Ryan says, referring to an increase in players as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. “That can be quite powerful, because in 2021, 2022… that PS4 community that we’ve spoken about, they will be the vast majority of people on PlayStations during that time. It is crucial that we keep them engaged and happy. And the last six months have demonstrated that we could do that to an extent that we didn’t think possible when we were setting our minds pre-COVID.”

-Jim Ryan


Demon souls coming to a PS4 in your living room soon.


Sure Jan


We Believe in Generations*

*When it makes for a quick soundbite to slander our competition unjustifiably.


I think demon souls remake will come to PS4, i see no reason why it couldn’t.

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Lol is there a bigger exec bullshitter than Jim Ryan?

I expect to see a demons souls announcement for PS4 by the end of this year.

It should have been clear to anyone that you dont just leave an install base like that and expect them all to want to move to a PS5 quickly. As usual Phil Spencer is upfront and honest and gets told his “holding things back”

Also what this says about most of the games press and tech people who brought into those nonsense statements is enlightening.

Maybe one day they’ll realise you can like a company and be still critical when they pull shit like this.


God of war ragnarok watch i guarantee it


Yeah kinda skeptical of that framing too. He suggests COVID changed their mind but they showed their games off in June for the first time and talked them up as PS5 only and ‘we believe in generations’ etc up until what, 6 weeks ago or something? Surely these PS4 versions of the games didn’t just start 6 weeks ago. Betting this means God of War and DS are PS4 bound too.


sounds like “we believe in cross-gen”


Exactly this. The deafening silence from press and fans to some of Ryan’s BS is funny at this point…timed exclusives/moneyhats with the Playstation Advantage, the whole cross-gen fiasco and the ridiculous price raises (80 euros lol) and everyone is going la la la la la.

I guess when Demon’s Souls and Ragnarok turn out to be cross-gen too they will start to question Jimbo’s honesty. maybe.


Whatever the reasoning is doesn’t matter materially. More PS5 games on PS4 is good for people like me who can’t afford a PS5. Let him use whatever justification or even savvy double-talk he wants, what matters is the results and this is a win in my book.


Please Final Fantasy XVI! I would love to be able to play it right away without needing to buy a new console.

God of War 2 feels like a lock. I would not be at all surprised at Demon’s Souls too.

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So let me get it right. On Sony side we’ll have cross gen for 3/4 years like he already said and he’s doubling down on it again right?

On MS side it is till 2021? Halo Infinite, Psychonauts and Grounded right? All the rest is next gen


I have good news for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit to stay on topic: I think I’d still rather wait the year or whatever to play XVI on the Series X but more options is always good!

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Lol, I was a few seconds too late on the correction.

Final Fantasy XIV I played on the PS3. Those were the days. The days of 15 FPS and minimum LOD six feet in front of you.

I can wait until April for FF7 Remake but if I can play FF16 day one on PS4, Imma do that.

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But should he really have to be using double talk or justification for any of that?

He could have come out when Phil Spencer was talking about cross gen and getting lambasted for it.

And stood side by side and said Sony is doing the same and that’s great for the industry. Which it is.

Instead he tells a untruth before letting favoured game personalities reveal that a ton of supposed PS5 only games are in fact cross gen.

I mean how can he expect anyone to take him seriously?


Oh no, I’m not arguing that at all. I don’t like Jim Ryan at all for the very same reasons you pointed out, but the fact that I find him shifty doesn’t invalidate that this business decision is to my benefit. At the end of the day, he’s an executive and his job is to make his product look good. I don’t like it or him, but I also don’t care about how he’s being coy. If I had it my way, marketing wouldn’t be a thing and we’d just pick our products on their strengths, but what are you gonna do?

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Good thing I cancelled my PS5 pre-order and held onto my Pro. May as well keep it hooked up a bit longer to see which way the wind blows


We dunno how many games from Sony are cross gen, but I would not be surprised if basically everything was until late 2022, with DS and maybe even R&C possibly coming to PS4. Or maybe those stay next gen only. At this point, it’s hard to say tbh.

It is fascinating how gamers/press is not really reacting to this, as the existing paradigm (somehow) is still how Xbox is cross gen and Sony isn’t. In reality, that is backwards.

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Doesnt look like anything that cant be done on current hardware tbh.