Sony PlayStation State of Play [2021-10-27]

On Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 Sony will have it’s State of Play with a detail look at Little Devil Inside.


Look at that game pass fodder …


Did Sony make this game exclusive ? I’m pretty sure it was announced for Xbox one.


Edit 2: nvm, got the answer.


That game isn’t for me but looks pretty cool and interesting. I’m only watching tomorrow in the hopes of seeing a few third party multi-platform games that im waiting for. And a release date for Forspoken. :smiley:

YESSIRRR I been waiting years for this game lol, I’d given up on seeing it again anytime soon but glad it’ll be there tomorrow.

Yuck, I’m not a fan of locking content for people that pledged to a kickstarter. I feel this really hurts crowdfunding campaigns due to uncertainty of developers backing out of promises.


Mentally ready to be salty over something* being moneyhatted this time

*or two

That’s beyond words. You simply don’t do that to your grass roots supporters. Shame on Sony. Shame on the developers.

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we are not going to get big unannounced money hats .

Yeah, there should be something against that because you shouldn’t be able to screw over your early investors due to somebody paying money to break promise. For example imagine if Microsoft said screw playstation kickstarter and not allow them to get Psychonaut 2. I know some were suggesting that, but that would’ve been awful on all levels. IMO its a very bad look on both sides to do this


Expecting FFXVI, Harry Potter and something Capcom here tomorrow.

They’re gonna pack alot in 20 mins.

Hopefully Pragmata

We just have to wait and see what Sony moneyhatted besides FFXVI.


Prog is that you??? lol

Hoping if there’s a Capcom announcement that it’s the Resident Evil spin off or REmake4. With that said, if Capcom is on the showcase, im expecting it to be either RE VIII DLC or Pragmata.

People expecting quite a bit I see, this is what it looked like last time too and we ended up getting a almost sleep inducing show… especially after all that hype.

If you mean back in September, that was a great showcase with 3 out of 4 games being of high interest for me in the beginning and the end. The middle sucked but the beginning and end easily made up for it. At least for me anyway.

Might mean the last third party focused one. September was basically their E3.

Damn… that’s dickish. Look at how MS handled Psychonauts and Wasteland, games they own the IP of, funded large amounts of and even for the former published. They did right by the backers.

This shit should be called out.


Looks like there will be a first party game there tomorrow with Helldivers 2.

So FFXVI, Little Devil Inside, Helldivers 2.

Throw in Capcom something and Harry Potter, and that’s a pretty heavy hitting SoP.