Sony PlayStation State of Play [2021-10-27]

If Xbox had a show like that, people would ridicule them.

Not that I think that’s right, they’d have a couple games I’ll play there if that’s the show.

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Yeah, true and I agree but I am expecting Horizon 2 and GT 7 at The Game Awards.

If true, im really hoping that it’s more friendly to solo players as I always wanted to play the first game but majority always said that solo was extremely difficult and overwhelming. Hoping that’s not the case if Helldivers 2 ends up being real and shown tomorrow.

Fuck yeah, Helldivers!!!

It gets worse, they didn’t even let backers know about this in any way before it was shown in the Sony show. So anyone who backed on another platform would have learned about it watching that. They then promised to update backers with more details in June last year and been radio silence since so those same backers get to watch it in another Sony show with no idea of when their pledge will be honoured or refund options.

Very bad look for the Devs I guess they are banking on either the game being a big success or Sony fans fully funding their next KS.


Okay, let’s GOOOO

Phantom Dust??


0/2 for me so far

OFK looks cool!

I didn’t get what was this Deathverse concept, it was a mix of several things, maybe too many.

That looked like Bleeding Edge… but I guess it’s good now because it’s the PlayStation version lol.

This show is dumb as hell so far.


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dont care what yall say, Bugsnax is dope lol

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How long this show will be? 30m? It seems an indie show like I expected, maybe they have 1 real shot for the end.

20 I think

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This definitely reeks of “we were contractually obligated to show these things”

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I am totally not surprised at all.

I bet they’ll have one game, probably FF16 and fanboys will exeggerate like hell about it being a great show …while it was just one game, lol.

just watch.

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they really having FF16, Harry Potter, and a bunch of others in the remaining time?

Five Nights at Freddy’s is so bad, I’ve never understood the hype behind it. Lol, Xbox exclusivity window for Death’s Door is really short. I wonder why PS can get indies for years…