Sony not even a supporting partner at Gamescom, why?

There will of course be many relevant things to PlayStation players at Gamescom, maybe even some timed exclusive or similar thing from a 3rd party.

But why does Sony not get any real criticism for not being a full supporter at some of these industry events? There is no reason that they couldn’t be a partner like pretty much everyone else listed on the official site below, regardless of whether they have anything specific to show from their first party studios or not. I just think that as an industry leader it is really disappointing that nobody seems to hold them accountable for some of the behavior where they just act out on an island. This is even Geoff Keighley’s show who is of course a huge PlayStation fan.


they’re gonna drop another studio acquisition on twitter and win Gamescom without showing up again

Seriously though, Sony tended to avoided the big shows before the covid 19 debacle, so its nothing new.


Gamescom is technically the largest video game show in the world, so I just don’t get how nobody seems to care that Sony just ignores the industry at times for things like this. That is not looking out for all of the publishers and developers on your platform to fly solo like that much of the time. I am sure they will be flaunting some exclusive COD crap this week at some point though.


Sony is a giant company in the gaming industry right now, they don’t need these stuff.


Of course they don’t “need” this, my entire point is that this type of arrogant behavior makes me really not a fan because it definitely doesn’t support the broader gaming market well.


Gamescom is mostly seen as a EU event and EU is already Sony territory. PS5 logo being visible during the full final match yesterday evening has a lot more impact in EU than Sony being visible in GC… they just don’t need it.


Yeah it’s all about arrogance for them, no interest in enaging with the wider community.


I don’t think it’s arrogance, it’s just a different way of doing business. They can and do support their partners through their own shows and these shows generate a lot of attention.


Come on guys, let’s try to be better than this. They just had a show a couple weeks ago that presented a lot of content from their partners.

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I dont hesitate to give credit when its due. I’m just joking about the way Sony can do no wrong in the media’s eyes.


Sony’s tweets have huge engagement. The PS5 controller reveal was a tweet and it was viral.

They will have their own event.

That is absolutely not the same thing as participating alongside their partners and peers in the world’s largest video game conference. Nobody is denying that Sony currently at least can and apparently wants to chart their own path, but some like myself are just turned off by them not being more supportive of the broader gaming industry when the opportunities arise such as this.


I think that’s fair and I do get that point. I’d love for them to participate as well. The comment you quoted to was directly in relation to claims of arrogance.

Sony are holding back their big announcements until September as part of the chicken pricing game between both console platforms.

Plus Xbox wise for this event I’m expecting a trailer for AOE3 definitive edition and some of the other third party indie games also shown will contain the usual game pass marketing.

Not really expecting Xbox to have much at this event to be honest, chances are they are saving a game or two for the stream/event for Series S and the rest for digital X0 if its still happening this year.

Because this year sucks are we are getting small tidbits of info spread over months instead of the condensed awesome week that we are used to.


I noticed that during the game yesterday, how come I don’t see Xbox being that aggressive anymore even in the US? I think after 2015 they gave up on that broader marketing but during the 360 years and the first 2 years of Xbox one they had much better marketing I feel, at least I used to see a lot of TV Xbox ads. I understand probably having a smaller budget affected them during the later years of Xbox one but they’re starting a new gen this year and I’m not seeing them even trying to market their new console, hopefully just waiting until the price reveal.

The timeframe E3 (June), Gamescom (August) and TGS (September) is the problem. Even the bigger publisher don’t have any major announcement for Gamescom. So why not skip it.

Sony can put up a YouTube video can get just as much press if they wanted to. They don’t need a 3rd party to help them spread their information.

Sony gets to do whatever they want and the media nor the fans will ever hold them accountable to anything. Been going on a LONG time


Let’s try to stay away from the console warrior tribalism rhetoric guys and gals. We’re better than that.