Sony Is Dealing With PlayStation 5 Shortage by Making More PS4s

I think MS has completely schooled Sony at the start of this gen. The Series S paid off in spades being able to have mass production even in a pandemic and they killed it over the holidays while Sony’s only answer is to push out more PS4’s.

This is doubly ironic considering Sony’s “we believe in Generations” Crap they pulled. Seriously that is the kind of crap that pushed me away from Sony a LONG time ago. They are stubborn, short sighted and will easily lie to your face to sell you something.

It is more than obvious that Xbox is ahead of the curve and fully understands where the industry is going and Sony is stuck in the past and unable to be flexible and adapt to new business models. Sony is stubborn and trying to stick to their Old school business model even if it sinks like the Titanic.


It’s only 1M globally. Hardly a drop in the bucket for them. Nothing to get stirred up for

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Just makes it all the more hilarious the crap about generations they peddled a couple of years back.


I mean the PS4 has shipped over 112M units so it makes total sense particularly cause cross gen will continue being a thing for third parties for at least a year or two more. Besides 1M is a minute number.

I wouldn’t really look too much into marketing slogans and comments. They are all exaggerations and lies to an extent. Not really something to get worked up over. Having a way for more people to play games, no matter what company is doing it or how, should be considered a good thing.


it was always obvious that Sony wasn’t releasing any of their bigger IP games in the cross-gen period, exclusively on PS5. That’s literal suicide. Miles Morales (Spiderman), Horizon, GT and God of War are all cross-gen for a reason ie they’re 8-10+ million sellers. The budgets of those games simply cannot afford releasing on just one plastic box constrained heavily by chip shortages and compounded by the self-inflicted 70 dollar problem with no alternate avenue like Gamepass.

Sony isn’t MS, at least as of yet. MS shifted to console and PC day and date years ago, the latter of which isn’t constrained to any similar degree by chip shortages. Sure buying the latest and greatest graphic card is a similarly overpriced scalped mess right now, but majority of the userbase on PC will be playing it with 3-4 year old specs which are still gonna be manageable for current-gen only games. I am pretty confident my GTX 1060 will work just fine for Redfall or Starfield at 1080p, for example.

Sony shouldn’t have done the weird bullshit about “we believe in generations” which was perhaps a deliberate shot at MS’ then recent announcement of their cross-gen strategy, but it was always the reality that Sony simply couldn’t afford flat-out having everything they make from launch be current gen only, especially the bigger games. Didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense till 2023. Only the more riskier and by nature smaller selling IP were made exclusive.


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It seems to be a good strategy. Put PS4 on shelves so people can still buy something when PS5 is hard to found. It goes hand in hand with their crossgen strategy.

I think there’s still a lot of Xbox One S and X sold today, especially online.

Those are all second hand units or stock excess as Microsoft had stopped Xbox One production back in 2020.


The PS2 was produced for 12 years.

The PS3 was produced for 11 years.

But go on, keep on pretending to have memory loss

Yep, MS stopped making them. Also if Sony ever wants to really transition to next gen pushing out PS4’s to new users is just going to delay that.

Irony is Sony is probably still going to be putting out Cross gen games in 2023 or 2024 while MS will have stopped way before that but remember Sony was the one that “Believe in Generations”.


ehh lol I don’t think so. Expect GoW Ragnarok to be the last cross-gen game.

We will see, GT7 was supposed to be PS5 only and we see how that turned out.

Is PS4 still $300? Good on them if there’s still a market for these but dang is Series S well positioned to offer a much more advanced console in that budget price space.


Yeah but all these games are still cross-gen territory. 2023 is well past that. Of course that is presuming Ragnarok still launches in 2022. Of course if it gets delayed to 2023, then “Sony releasing crossgen games in 2023” would be technically true but yeah, everything from 2023 onwards will be current gen is an easy assessment to make.

Yep, Sony is not even marking down the price of older consoles. People were afraid the Series S would hold back next gen but it seems Sony is trying it’s best to hold back next gen while at the start trying to get all the praise for moving to next gen.

I’m sorry but I’m just tired of Sony pulling this shit again and again, they either lied or were caught with their pants down at the start of this gen or probably both while MS had a much better strategy but still got burned by the press and gamers for it.

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Yes, but with HFW, GT7 and possibly GoWR coming out in the near future, it’s sure to drum up excitement and there are probably still a few people out there that don’t already have a PS4. :smile:

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Yeah, that’s what I meant. More consoles on shelves = more sales. If Xbox put out Xbox One S and X back on shelves, it would sell.

They have another startegy though with the Series S and I think it will pay off big time, sadly, because of the world we live in…

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It’s not really Sonys fault that they can’t keep up with demand though. No one at these companies anticipated that the world would be like how it is today. Im sure if things were normal then no one would be holding anything back.

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