Sony hides trailer for Star Wars: KoTOR remake and deletes announcement tweet

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Quietly cancelled with Embracers issues i’ll bet.

I am still unsure why Disney didn’t approach an established RPG studio to make this game. DIsney should drop a bag of money to established RPG studios like Obsdian, Bioware, CD Projket, Larian, InExile, Owlcat, etc. I think that’s the best path to get a proper star wars RPG game because going with an unproven dev leads to these issues


Maybe the approach started the other way around, with Embracer submitting a proposal to do a KOTOR Remake.


Biden laughing no

Should have seen it coming.

Sidebar: Glad Dead Island 2 did great. :+1:


Yeah, I think that’s most likely the case . I think Disney is pretty open for who gets to use IPs and Aspyr probably approached them. I think if Disney wants a Star Wars rpg. Then they should tap veteran studios

Remember when everyone was losing their shit about this being a ps5 exclusive, a reminder to chill and not take things to seriously

I don’t think Disney cares at all about who makes these things, as long as they get a decent deal out of it

It’c clear from their movie/tv division quality isn’t at the top of their priorities


Oh that didn’t help at all.

Edit: Oh, thought it was recent. Still, not good.

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Seeing a bunch of posts asking for this project to be given to Larian… please god no. :rofl:

Larian is going to be the new “Everything should be made by Platinum” / “Everything should be a Souls-like” now, aren’t they.


Yeah, there is no way really to spin this into a positive.


I think they can nail the dialogue , but I don’t think they’re strong in combat tbh

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I mean, this is even worse?

I love KOTOR. Of course I was miffed that it was going to be a PS5 exlusive, but at least I could’ve played it. If it did well, we could get a new one etc.

Not sure what there was to chill about.


There was a lot of insinuating that Microsoft doesn’t know what they are doing or make poor decisions because they turned the game down and/or didn’t secure it for themselves.

Was reading similar stuff on other era this morning with their failure to secure GTA3 as an exclusive, turning down the Spiderman license, and not getting Genshin Impact. I think it’s all just a reminder that not all decisions are easy, even if they look like it from the outside.


Ah well.

You can get a new one without a remake lol. Not like Star Wars games aren’t doing well. The reality is that the studios who could make a good KOTOR game are busy with their own projects.


I’m referring more to people criticising Xbox leadership for “failing” by not landing this game, obviously for people excited by the game regardless this isn’t good news

But this game felt off from the beginning since the dev was announced and it’s felt like it had nothing but bad news ever since the announcement

This stuff is so silly

Genshin was indeed a major miss, so was GTA3 but that was over 2 decades ago and Xbox in the mid 10s was an absolute mess to the point they were almost giving up on the business and were in no position to be making Spiderman games


Yeah, it’s all very disappointing.

I need them to create KI2 and Halo Infinite 2.

I know Larian is great but as someone who isn’t into turn based RPG’s or Baldur’s Gate 3, im with you 100%.

I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong in bashing Microsoft for not getting the KOTOR remake but at the same time, I would have liked to think that if they did, it would have been given to Obsidian or someone else besides Aspyr who’s literally just a port studio.

It was going to be a one year timed console exclusive which is fine because I would have just waited but it looking like the game is done is definitely disappointing.

Like they say, hindsight is always 20/20.

Sure, two years ago, I wasn’t happy about Microsoft passing on the KOTOR remake mainly because it was an exclusive for the original Xbox, is a classic and people would definitely love a remake but two years later, it obviously turned out to be the better decision as of now.

Missing out on GTA 3 was big at the time and Genshin is the bigger miss in my opinion. As for the Spider Man license, I agree with Microsoft passing on it mainly because who was going to develop it? Insomniac already went back to Sony for Ratchet 2016 and in all honesty, love the games or not, I wouldn’t want anyone else besides Insomniac making the Spider Man games because they’ve nailed the feel of it completely.

It all is what it is though.


Good for Xbox to have avoided this mess,