Sony has formed the ‘PlayStation PC’ label for its PC games push | VGC

PlayStation has formed a new label specifically for its PC gaming operation, it’s emerged.

On Wednesday Steam users noticed that the platform holder’s PC releases had their publisher switched to ‘PlayStation PC LLC’, from the previous PlayStation Mobile label.

According to a Corporation Wiki listing, Sony Interactive Entertainment registered the PlayStation PC name in April this year via its California-based headquarters.

Although the name appears to be a formality, it represents another strong signal that Sony intends to increase its gaming output on the PC platform.


Wow. That’s gotta hurt some feelings lol.


i imagine they have internal goals that have to be separated from the the mobile division

and/or they’re gonna push mobile stuff in the future

It’s just a question whether games will be day and date with PC or not at this point.

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I hope this means their push for PSNow or whatever their own Game Pass is called is soon, at least by 2023. I’m not getting a $400-$500 console whose games are $70 without a ‘value’ offering, no matter how interested I am in some of those games.

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Nah. Not early this gen at least.

Shocking news. Chasing money where it went. But noooo this is a genius move by them while what MS’ve been doing was such a desperate move.

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We have to just watch the goal posts move now. LOL


someone put a perfect quote in the little big planet thread on resetera about this, it was a step by step guide on each argument by fanboys that is slowly ruined.

we are currently on ‘only being ported cause its cross gen’ for rumoured little big planet steam leak.

next step ‘only being ported because not day 1’ after returnal/demon souls from nvidia leak.

step after that is prob ‘not putting sp day 1’ when I imagine factions 2 is day one on pc

final step will be a couple of years when they go fully day one


I am already willing to state that all those multiplayer games that Sony has in development will be going day one on PC.


All in the plan of eventual day 1. Its free money for Sony.

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It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. If they expect to launch MP games and want a big hit they need to launch on more than their own console. Also PC has shown to increase hype around games because a lot of people stream to Twitch and such on PC so it most likely leads to more sales.

its interesting how different the approaches are. MS introduced PlayAnywhere 2016 and there were a lot of really angry reactions, the ‘xbox has no exclusive games’ bullshit is still repeated to this day, but Xbox fans mostly accepted this new reality and profited from cross-buy and cross-play. Now Jim Ryan on the other hand raises the temperature only ever so slightly and the frogs cultists don’t even notice how they are cooked. Next stop: only >2 old games coming to pc :smiley:

This will be really interesting to see how it plays out in the end. Oh and thanks NVidia for the leaked games list!


Speaking of that, how is Dreams not on PC already? That’s litterally a PC game held hostage on a console lmao


Definitely coming. And PS5 console owners will be shocked to discover, their console does not shrivel up and die when PC gamers can play the same games too! Amazingly, the PS5 remains just as fun!

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With how their 1st party PS5 only games perform sales wise I’d bet that we’ll see day one releases on PC much earlier than what most people think. With how unpredictable Jimbo is I won’t be surprised if a 2022 game will take the band aid off for day and date PC releases.


I think as someone said here they may just start with a multiplayer game and eventually with one of their big first party ones.

I think MP will be first with factions from ND. I imagine SP may take a bit longer. (sony has to treat the super fanatics like frogs in slowly heating water, do to much to soon, and they will rage on twitter/online)

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They will frame it as Sony inventing PC gaming and the cultists will eat it up and spread the gospel.

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The thing Sony corps does well is feed their fans delusions and then doing what is correct business wise even if its a 180 of what they said lol. Jim Ryan knows where the money is.