Sony FF16 exclusive, makes me confused

Splash screen after the FF16 trailer, surely they could of just put timed exclusive instead, it happened so fast, I just saw exclusive and didn’t even have time to read the small print.

Or is it actually permanently ps5 exclusive?

I really dislike how unclear it is.

When TOTTR was 1 year exclusive, we knew instantly it was 1 year exclusive, and oddly Microsoft got crucified for that.

I hope this isn’t what to expect going forward when it comes to timed exclusives from either Microsoft or Sony, I like clarity myself (from all parties)

It’s a normal Sony style no doubt 1 year timed exclusive.


Timed exclusives suck period. I get they’re marketing deals, but still don’t like them. I’m still waiting to play ff7 on one x damn it :frowning:


Wish this was known to everyone though, it’s crazy no one knew crash trilogy was timed exclusive, till it just turned up on xbox pretty much.

I forgot all about ff7 remake haha.



You mentioned TR in OP. I remember when that happened and gaming journalists were on the case instantly to get an officially confirmation it was timed. It wasn’t even a day before it was confirmed if I remember right.


It wasn’t, crystal dynamics staff got death threats and everything too.

When crash trilogy was exclusive, no one said anything, we didn’t know/find out, till it was pretty much coming out.

The double standards is annoying too.


If this is fully exclusive, Sony had let you know… if you have doubts its not exclusive

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I really really hope this is the case! I can wait a year to play FF16 on Series X, but if I have to get a PS5 for it it’ll be longer than a year.

Going to be the usual year. I’d appreciate more transparency on timed exclusivity periods from all of the platform holders.

Gameplay looks fun (a lot like DMC) but I am not fond of the art direction. Looks like Square Enix going after the Witcher 3 money

If its a full year that’s just way too long. Hope not any other games I truly am looking forward to will get this trash nonsense .

FF16 surprisingly didn’t look too great at all though. At first I thought this was going to be like FF14 online because I’m sorry, FFXV on X and Pro to me…looks better?

It looks more like witcher x dmc.

I wonder if it was initially a different IP & then turned into ff?

The scene with Malboro looks good though.

You are not the only one. I thought, visually at least, didn’t look too impressive as a next-gen only title and FF15 might actually look better in parts.

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I was surprised there was more than CGI though

I read the game could release next year. That sure would be an improvement for SE.

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FF isn’t really going in the direction I’d like. There is too much focus on trying to be cool and amazing instead of just creating a creative world and characters and letting it come naturally. It feels forced and focus tested I guess.

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Maybe it will be cross gen. :slight_smile:

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Could barely make it through a few hours of 15. Gameplay felt like a poor mans western open world RPG. Character designs were terrible too.