Sony FF16 exclusive, makes me confused

What does it mean full exclusive for 6 months while 12 on console?

Coming to PC after 6 months, coming to Xbox after 12.


PS5 release, then 6 months later PC release, then 6 more months is Xbox release.


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Thanks guys for the clarification! :+1:

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More timed exclusivity bullshit that will just get sweeped under the rug. Just like the cross generational side step and $70 games. I can only hope MS instead doubles down on buying new studios and bolstering their own 1P instead.


Yeah agreed

It’s better that way.

It’s Square - will be like FFVIIR

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One that note, WHEN is FF7R coming to Xbox? Or has that been obfuscated as well :frowning:

Next Spring earliest. But Square will probably drag their feet and release it in 2022.

You all believe that because of 12 month timed exclusive deal we will get FF16 after the period of time. But look how Square Enix likes to publish Xbox Games:

  • announcement of Final Fantasy ports for Xbox, Switch and PC, skip Chrystal Chronicles and Chocobo Dungeon
  • Announcement trailer for Romancing Saga 3 & Scarlet Grace, only Saga 3 on Xbox
  • No Secret of Mana port for whatever reason
  • No Dragon Quest Builder
  • Star Ocean Last Hope and The Last Remnant got current gen ports, except for Xbox
  • releasing Kingdom Hearts Collection 1 year after KH3 released

Be careful with Square Enix. Even if FF is one of the biggest game series SE is a weird publisher.


We will find out next year. FFVIIR should be out.

Square just loves these deals. It almost seems as if they finance their development costs with it partly.

I really hate this news but it’s not surprising at all, unfortunately.

Also hope that some of their smaller titles still get ported over or at least hit Game Pass for PC, but I’m skeptical. At least we’re getting Dragon Quest XI this year.

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Man the OST is totally nuts, absolutely bonkers, I will grab it as soon as it is available, bear in mind it was modestly recorded by a guy from the trailer.

Here you can listen to a part of the OST, PURE FINAL FANTASY EPICNESS!!!

FFXIV has really epic song believe me some really grand and magistral. I really feel good for this game. The team is pure fire on story FFXIV story is incredible. Heavensward was pure epicness! Stormblood too! And ShadowBringer oh my… The wait will be hard but really worth it on XSX.

Unfortunately this is the new normal for Sony (not just them, mind, but in this case in particular). I’d rather have Microsoft spend big money to secure such games on Game Pass day one or close to them than paying devs/publishers to withhold content from others.


Square Enix, not Sony, is the problem. They could decline the deal. They do not care to increase their fanbase on Xbox. FF16 would sell very well on Playstation even without a deal. I freaking hate SE but adore their games.


Same the game seems absolutely bonkers but the deal is really annoying

Anyway looking at the graphics it seems to be running on the Luminous Engine not Unreal 4 unless I’m mistaken.

Hate to say this, but history has shown that the business side of this practice works every time. I expect that every SE game (JRPG’s at least) going forward is going to follow this model. MS will get them in the end, but it is going to take quite some time. I would guess that less than 10% of the SE fanbase actually buys a game on MS systems so SE just doesn’t care about the inconvenience for fans of the Xbox

That’s the cold, hard truth - one that I am personally struggling with because they are my favorite developer. I’m interested to see how long it takes for FFVIIR to make it over - PC should be soon

Square Enix is so weird. I’m a huge fan of their games as well. For a while there it felt like Xbox was finally going to have parity with PlayStation-- we got all the Kingdom Hearts games, spinoffs like World of Final Fantasy hit Xbox, even the whole FF series showing up on Game Pass. Now it’s like, Xbox is right back to being second class citizens in Square’s eyes.

Still waiting on that FF7 Remake release date. The dang game was announced as multiplatform.

Re FF7R release date - be happy if you see it before next Summer at this rate. It still isn’t even out on PC