Sony could go BIG at TGA, and Xbox HAS to do the same AKA I'm going crazy without news

Is it though?


I don’t want to dog pile on the OP. That’s not my intention for making this post. Whether I would prefer it or not, there are still plenty of people out there that hold on to the idea that someone else having something better means they need to despair. And if that’s true then the converse is also true: If Xbox is going to have an amazing showing in the near future and Sony will not, then they get to feel superior. To be honest it’s the exact type of thinking that’s prevalent in so many forums these days and what is so, so wrong about our hobby.

I came to these forms because I was tired of seeing so much tribal warring on other forums. XboxEra is boring in comparison and I love it. Back when Internet forums weren’t really a thing I just bought the console that seemed like it had the games that I most wanted to play (and had the best graphics).

From that point forward I didn’t even think about the other console at all. When I got older and had more disposable income I would buy all of the big 3’s boxes. It now seems like a luxurious waste of resources. I barely have enough time to play games on my PC and one console, let alone three.

We can all take a page from Phil Spencer’s playbook and congratulate Sony on a good show if they have one. Me? I’ll be enjoying quick resume, the Bethesda acquisition, Gamepass and playing backwards compatible games that look great on my new TV with my series X.


You know not everything has to be a competition yeah?

I’m not sure how a bunch of potential trailers and awards for games on a console that isn’t the one you personally prefer, changes anything about how you feel about the console you do prefer.


Wait, why are we assuming Sony will “own” this show? Didn’t MS give hints that they will have a presence at TGA? I’d be happy with a trailer or two but they should really announce their own event imo. The last update was like… 5 months ago?

Here are my biggest gaming events of the year 2020:

  • Release of Xbox Series X
  • Release of Xbox Series S
  • Release of Playstation 5
  • Release of Cyberpunk 2077
  • Release of all other games
  • Microsoft Acquisition of Zenimax Studios
  • Release of Microsoft xCloud as part of Game Pass Ultimate
  • Release of Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate to unify Console and PC development

  • Dead last and absolutely least, any and all award shows.

the only next gen consoles where you can currently play Metal Gear Solid is the Series S and X.

Just sayin

By all objective viewership metrics yes.

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See my earlier reply for larger impacts related to gaming in 2020. It may be the biggest award show, but I don’t view it as a meaningful event in gaming.

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Enjoy the industry my friends. Gaming is fun. Last year Xbox owned this show and they’re primed to have a good summer. Going to be a long generation. This is the equivalent of the first two weeks of a sports season.


This week we have the reveal of the next stage of Power Your Dreams, Cyberpunk 2077 (which knock on wood should perform best on Xbox as we are comparing One X to PS4 Pro), potential new announcements at TGAs, and an interview with Uncle Phil before the show.

Next week we have a high level Halo Infinite update.

We also get more Game Pass games and perks coming/announced in the coming weeks.

Relax. Sony has stuff down the pipeline we have yet to see. So does MS. You will note they did not have an XO this year, and if they don’t bring stuff to the TGAs then I have no doubt they will blow open the doors once Bethesda joins to push more people into the ecosystem as stuff stabalizes.

I know people hate waiting. I also know as a platform agnostic gamer this can come across as kinda rich/privileged coming from me, as having been a Nintendo only player from 2014-2018, I whole heartedly understand being sick to fucking death of droughts. But there is a ton of good stuff coming in the near future and even in the now. So don’t let the fanboys get to you too much and take solace in the fact that we have gone from 2 games last year to 10 this year to fucking Halo and possibly Starfield among many others next year. It’ll be ok.

Oh, and there should be third party goodies like Elden Ring.

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Ah, ok. That’s fair. Yeah, I think the event is a great launching ground for games and the orchestra is top notch but the awards themselves need a massive overhaul in how they are represented and the games they represent.


I posted this in the Initiative’s thread but I’ll post it here as well: I was not looking forward to the game awards but the rumors of the Initiative finally showing their game and the release of Cyberpunk this week, this is going to be an amazing gaming week.

Not only that but of course we’ll see reveals and games from other developers and publishers as well, it’s going to be a good week to be a gamer, I’m excited and every gamer should be too regardless of console preference. Good games push the industry forward.

For fun, I’ll share mine.

  • Microsoft Acquires Zenimax
  • Xbox Games Showcase
  • Launch of PS5
  • PS5 Showcase 2
  • Launch of Xbox Series X|S (only this low because the first two weeks mine was lost in the mail and I was fighting with Walmart. Got one from Best Buy. Under greener circumstances, it overtakes launch of PS5 as it was gonna be my “first” next gen system)
  • The Nintendo Directs with Rune Factory 5 and SMT 5
  • Launch of Cyberpunk 2077
  • Launch of MSFS
  • All other games
  • The Game Awards
  • Future Games Show 2
  • Xbox May Show
  • PS5 Reveal event (thoroughly underwhelmed still. Reveal 2 is what sold me and I’m glad it did).
  • All other Nintendo Directs
  • Inside Xbox April
  • Future Games Show 1
  • Gamescom Opening Night Live
  • Steve in Minecraft
  • The announcements of the Xbox Preshow
  • Literally anything. Like, getting my medium anchovy pizza the day of the PS5 showcase.
  • 85% of the influencers at the Xbox Pre Show doing dirty by the brand.

Even if it is the biggest gaming event of the decade, there’s no reason for MS to spend any resources in an event where organizers are more interested in Kojima or Playstation than any of the offerings of Xbox as a platform, organization or ecosystem…

Anyway, just my 2 cents

This just shows signs of console war mentality for me. I really don’t care who wins awards. Great games should be awarded and if MS wants to get more nominations next year they should just try harder. And I just want to see cool trailers for cool games.

Meanwhile I’m playing a shitload of games on Game Pass this month and I’ll enjoy The Game Awards.

We should seriously calm down with the doom posting a little. Xbox is going to have a great generation. More games, more accessible and more connected than ever. Just enjoy the ride.


I agree to an extent, but disagree with your try harder argument. Ori and Flight Sim are two of the best games of the year, got rave reviews and commercial success. The former is MIA in GOTY, the latter wasn’t even among the 30 nominees for players choice beat out by League of Legends, Bugsnax, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, and several other games that are either older or reviewed worse.

Rare busts their ass making SoT great for the 12 million players but never gets a community support or ongoing game nomination.

Like, there is trying harder and then there is a tough reality that games like Animal Crossing, Flight Sim, Ori, Hades, Crusader Kings, Fire Emblem, Disco Elysium, FH4 Dreams and 13 Sentinels have to fight in a bloodbath while low-mid 80s titles like Tsushima, Control, FFVII Remake, Death Stranding, AC Odyssey and even my personal GOTY last year Outer Worlds get in due to, in part, production value and genre.

None of this is to say those are bad games or undeserving, again, I count my GOTY 2019 among them, but MS puts in an effort and it still goes unappreciated. That rubs me the wrong way, and it’s in large part why the TGAs are an announcement show first, a concert second, a drinking game third and an awards show last to me right now. Until they truly diversify their nominations (as far as I’m concerned, GOTY is upped to 10 nominees, people’s choice is write in votes from a database) and give the awards their due instead of rushing through them to make time for a 2 minute Subway ad, this won’t be the Oscars of games it wants to be. Still, it does get more views than the Oscars so what do I know?

Also 100% agreed on the last point. Regardless of launch woes, this is on paper MS’s most promising gen and barring any major screwups (knock on wood) it should be handily. Just lets see Phil throughout the gen or a protege like Matt Booty or Sarah Bond that shares his philosophy. No Mattricks.


TGA week will be a rough week for me: I’m gonna try and finish off Wasteland 3 and Star Wars Squadrons, and continue to think ‘what the frack?!’ while playing Control.

Wish me luck! :grinning: …if Xbox collapses for something during that week, can you guys send me a email? Cheers.


If the OP is just trolling on the down low, then well done I guess, but if not, the very existence of this thread make me sad.


The OP is just a concerned troll, absolutely no one takes gaming this personally.


This 1000%