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Because all of SE’s biggest games are not releasing on the console, how is this hard to understand? I don’t see Sony buying SE, but it makes sense that Xbox users don’t have any attachment to their games because SE is choosing not to release the majority of their marquee titles on Xbox.

You right tbh, Sony would acquire square when Nintendo makes a console powerful enough to play their big games, because square would switch to Nintendo for their big ff games. Since they sell a lot.

I don’t see them acquiring Square Enix at all.

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Why would anyone want sony to get fromsoft right now? Even if you don’t like their games, elden ring is, if you try to objectively judge it, a masterpiece. Sony getting them would guarantee all future fromsoft games to be exclusive.

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Monthly reminder that Sony isn’t buying Capcom, SE, CDPR, or Fromsoft.

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This has big “Microsoft is not buying Activision” energy. I’m not saying we have ANY reason to think Sony won’t buy Capcom, Square Enix, CDPR or Fromsoft or that they are particularly likely but I’m also not sure why we’d so resolutely rule some of these out.


I think he means there is no “clues” or indications that any of those will be bought by sony, which is correct when you think the 120 supposed leaks in the past 8 months haven’t come true.

I think they might have the money for these but they are still complicated deals nonetheless. For FromSoft you probably need to buy the whole parent company. CDPR, I dunno, I think that one is complicated for anyone even big tech, beyond the money required.

This is the same energy of “Sony won’t and can’t buy Bungie”. Until it happened


The fact that Sony invested into FromSoftware tells me that they are not buying it. And Kadokawa would not sell in the first place.

Well, Sony certainly could afford Bungie. Nobody expected that Bungie would sell or would go to anybody aside Microsoft. But then we learnt the reasons and it started to make sense. Certainly not the case with ABK where nobody believed that Microsoft would spend that amount of money. Everybody expected Sega, Capcom etc.

I can see it being a slow buy

Usually it does not happen that way. Because buying other shares in order to take over the company is usually the example of a hostile takeover.

True but there’s so rarely clues or indications of any acquisition in the first place - which was exactly the reason we have an oft memed quote ruling out Activision as an acquisition because it was TOO unlikely and there was nothing to suggest it was happening - right before it happened.

Yeah I know I’m just pointing out he probably didn’t mean it’s impossible for sony to buy any of those. It’s a free for all at this point and looking at the downward spiral sony is I’d guess they need something big to stop the fall.

After Microsoft acquired Bethesda, I simply look at acquisitions as “never say never”.



Sony doesnt want more studios though…they want the impression their first party is “only” half the size of Xboxs.

They will never “day 1” their games to PSN +…they can no more match gamepass blow for blow then the could Netflix all those years ago.

Not sure if this is meant to be sarcasm, but their recent acquisition spree would say otherwise.

but they r still hesitant on day one releases tho

Personally I think it’s only a matter of time.

This generation PlayStation have gone back on nearly everything they’ve said prior. I get the impression that their management have been arguing alot about their future direction.