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It’s not true man, acquisitions don’t leak. Not even this recent one did.

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Oh no, I meant that they also have leaned into anime, so they could help Sony in more than just the gaming division. Lol

Oh I’m well aware it was probably crap. Still think it makes a lot of sense though!

Bottled at the source


They must like what they’re seeing with Haven’s game to purchase them before ever releasing anything.

You’d have to assume it looks promising.


Yeah Herman Hulst had some very positive things to say.

There’s already a PS OT with all the studios listed -

As for Haven, awesome news!!! Come on Sony, go acquire Deviation Games. Let’s go!!!

Or the studio needed even more cash infusion to continue on and Sony figured they may as well own them for what they’re putting in.

The point is, we really can’t infer anything one way or the other.


True, it’s wait and see. Sony are actually acting out of their norm with certain partnerships and acquisitions now. New strategy and Xbox, Tencent are pushing them to act as they are feeling a little pressure after all these years on top.

I actually like Sony for it’s single player narrative focus games, not very interested in anything else they do. This Haven Studio purchase isn’t very intriguing.

Yeah, they can not rest on their laurels. Not anymore. In the previous gen they could survive on their single player only games with third party and other % deals.

But now with the shortage and Microsoft swallowing third party publishers and studios from their platform, they can’t use the same approach.

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Sony buying out Kadokwa therefore gaining From Software for me seems like a great move for Playstation as a whole

That would cost around 5 billion USD. Why not go for a publisher they’d almost be there.

Well its not like he comes and says the game is sh1t or something negative :v

Pretty sure they also though it was a very good idea to money hat babylons fall or that valkyrie game.

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I get it, it’s corporate speak. Microsoft does it too.

Y’all don’t need to dogpile me.:joy:

Good point - could be!

Buying Haven was probably very inexpensive which is why no number was given. They bought a logo and some concept art.


And former Stadia talent!



Sony has to be eyeing take two at this point.

It doesn’t make sense to me but okay.

It feels like Haven needs the Sony name to attract talent. That’s my hot take.

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