So today is the Superbowl.. will there be any Xbox ads ? GamePass?

Yup, it is perfect for Game Pass as it can be played in co-op too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Crypto ads : 20

Video game ads: 0


It will be on game pass in 3 years

none of FROM games have been on GP idk about that

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We had Dark Souls on Games with Gold though back in 2014, when GWG was good…

@Shpeshal_Nick said he heard this was going to be a huge GP month and likely a leak hunt.

My guess is, Elden ring is coming to GP and we will find out this week ! Nick will then say he hinted this to us like he always does :rofl:

Maybe it’s Persona 5 because of “Xbox anime month”…

Yeah right :joy:

@Shpeshal_Nick saying big month = golden eye

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Golden eye wouldn’t be a big month. Crossfire X would have brought in more subscribers.

absolutely disgusting

What about the people who preordered Elden Ring? There would be a lot of angry customers and retailers.

No reason in preordering these days until the day before or when the day 1 patch is downloadable.

What about when Extraction got announced a week before ? It’s not “unfair” lol

I bought the game. If youre expecting 3rd party games like ER to be on gamepass day 1. You may as well unsubscribe to GP now. Youre living in a fantasy land.

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Angry retailers sure. Not angry customers. You can easily cancel pre orders. If anyone would be angry it would be playstation owners

But we need to stop talking about it. I think ER might come to gamepass before the years end. Who knows

Extraction pre orders were probably shit and ubisoft just decided to esrn extra from gamepass because they know the game will flop. Same thing with Outriders.

When a gamepass day 1 deal for a 3rd party is that late. Its due to awful pre orders and them trying to generate more attention and playerbase.

Also you HAVE to pre order physical early. Or theres chance you wont get it on launch day

I hinted at nothing

I literally said I was given a list of games that both my source and I believed was a leak hunt. So far, none of the games I was given have been announced for Game Pass and we’re literally halfway through February.

So safe to say, it was a fake list to catch leaks

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@Shpeshal_Nick was Elden ring on your list ?

Why would I give the list it’s a leak hunt? That’s why I didn’t give it lol.

I’ll most likely never give it for that reason. They gave my source a specific list just for them and even after the fact I give games from that list, they still get busted.


Howabouts I rephrase the question then. Do you think MS will add Elden Ring in the second half of the month ?

It’s been a poor month otherwise of trash indies, and they won’t be getting new subs from indies.

Elden ring isnt coming to gamepass dude. If it was they have to announce it by now. Let it go. Buy the game and enjoy what will be one of the best games of the year

Also you get 6000 points id you pre order ER from MS rewards.

You know what would be an amazing gamepas addition? Nioh collection. Fat chance i know. Thsts a perfect gamepass title right there.

Didn’t Jeff Grub say at one point MS tried to get it but Sony pressured Bandai Namco not to accept the deal ?

I’m sure if MS wanted it they will get it.

The interesting thing about giving out a fake list of games to catch leaks is that there is at least an awareness by higher ups that the games in question are in demand for Xbox/Game Pass.