So today is the Superbowl.. will there be any Xbox ads ? GamePass?

Any marketing from Xbox expected here today ?

They should do a parody about no games

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A parody you mean ? That would be funny

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Was the accessibility controller their last one?

A quick Google says that commercial was from the 2019 superbowl

i wouldn’t count out a sizzle-real like gamepass commercial

There will be no Xbox ads and no Playstation ads.

all i have from ads so far is ‘when the fuck will anyone make a Dr Strange game?’ shit would be wild

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Eidos would do awesome with that

How do you know ?

That Dr Strange trailer was mad hype. A game would be AMAZING. A combo of magic and martial arts as gameplay would be bananas.

It’s be a lot of money to spend when u don’t need help moving ur product.


Lol an occulus commercial

No. TV ads during the SB are $7M for 30 seconds. Don’t see any games being shown whatsoever.

very entertaining game

Well that’s disappointing. Would have been good to show off Elden ring GamePass day 1 or something, after the flop that is crossfire x.

You need to give up on that one. It’s not happening lol

Elden Ring is most likely never ever going on Game Pass. Has any Souls game or Sekiro ever been on Game Pass? If not, there you go.

I think Microsoft can go after Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Fits perfectly and there’s been no hype for the game whatsoever despite it being IGN’s First for February.

I think it’s happening. They should reveal the second half of the month for GamePass soon.

It’s not. Elden Ring is going to be a 10+ million copy seller. They don’t need Game Pass.