So that God of War reveal

Is it just me or did the combat look almost exactly the same other than the Sony grapple

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I just think this was developed for ps4 in the first place…


The writing rubbed me the wrong way in that trailer, a bit on the nose in every possible way. I’m still going to enjoy the hell out of it; loved 2018.

Step up in terms of what?

The combat will be more polished and the game will run at 60FPS on the PS5.

WE know nothing about the story yet or how they might have improved the bosses or level design

People need to take a chill pill. This game will still blow most other games out of the water

Remember God of War II for Ps2? Came out in 2007 and literally blew most of the PS3 games out of the water.

There will be epic set pieces and bosses that will look and play incredibly well.

I mean common sense would point to that. Game probably started when they finished 2018, PS5 dev kits weren’t around until late 2019 at the earliest.

It’s a day 1 buy for me… however… it looks undeniably like a PS4 game. Disappointing graphics since I’ll be playing on PS5. The trailer was rushed, there might be a delay if I had to guess.

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ITs already been delayed. WE don’t have a date so it could be Autumn or Fall 2022 for all we know.

I’m absolutely fine with it being a PS4 game. But Theres no way in hell I’m playing this on a Ps4. I’ll try and get a PS5 before it comes out for sure. Even if I have to borrow a PS5 to play this game.

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Only when you need to secure preorders during a pandemic…


It would be funny if it wasn’t so shady and ignored by pretty much everyone.


I was told vehemently on Era by one person that I was being disrespectful to the developers for insinuating that Sony lied about targeting 2021.


Of course.

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Couldn’t agree more. But they better not delay a feature of a game that’s still launching on time or there will be hell to pay… oh wait, that’s only a thing when Xbox does it…


You can’t lie about a broad Release year. Thats grasping at straws. Pretty sure they wanted to release it in 2021. Who knows with the pandemic. Everyone knew it wasn’t 2021. I’m glad it got delayed. Gives people more time to get a PS5. Imagine if God of War and horizon launched this year. PS5 prices would be in the 2000’s on Ebay.

Wukong Black Myth maybe?

Perfectly sums up my thoughts



I think they just played all of us from the get-go.


I don’t know what to think of it honestly. On one hand we have upcoming games like Halo Infinite and GoW 2 that looks like it’s held back by cross gen support and then on another hand we have FH5 which looks impossibly good for a cross gen title. Maybe there are several parameters in play here.

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It looked like more God of War 4

He hit the nail on the head. I think the game will still be rad, but you look at that trailer with the context that the last game’s DLC was shifted into full production on a sequel and go “yeah, that seems about right.” It doesn’t feel like a brand new PS5 production both visually as well as in subject matter.


Halo Infinite is a beast of a game. The number of feature sets that they have to support it is just over the top. No other game has split screen couch coop, for example. Even the MP modes are over the top - slayer, btb, and more.

This version is rumoured to be 100gb.

But I’m going off topic.