So that God of War reveal

One of the most stark examples I’ve seen how cross gen can limit game design.

It looked exactly the same to 2018 in regards to combat, environments and even the character models…


Thing is I don’t really think the setting helps it much so it looks more or the same in this case. Also GoW 2018 looked ridiculously good back then so probably diminishing returns here.


Agreed. But I know im still getting a 9+ high quality game. Sticking with 2023 since they didn’t even say 2022 at the end of the trailer.


I thought it looked really nice graphically. Just not like something I’m dying to actually play. I never even beat the first one.

The trailer felt like it was rushed at the last moment, didn’t had that energy compared to the 2016 reveal

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Coming in 2021 though, right? Right?


I have a feeling Hellblade 2 is going to straight up murder God of War graphically, I don’t know if it was the stream but Ragnarok looked like a DLC add on for the last game, also that voice acting was bad.


After how the first game really impressed with its first demo during E3 I definitely expected to be blown away, but that didn’t happen. Look a lot like a PS4 game .

There were a few bits that really stood out though and showed a clear improvement over the first game, like the water looking really good now and a part where Kratos was looking into the distance and it showed mountains and we clearly haven’t seen that in the first one, very far draw distance.

I think Microsoft may have the upper hand when it comes to “next-gen” looking exclusives. Hellblade and Project Mara looks incredible and I can only imagine what Forza will look like.

I mean I’m still getting it. Gow 2018 was one of the best games that gen. Hopefully it improves upon that game.

It is.


I mean Hellblade doesn’t look too far off from God of War 2018, and that was an indie game without Microsoft $


I warned ppl about having too high expectations for GoW as a cross gen game. Even still, somehow even I expected more.


I 100% thought they were showing a “remaster” of 2018’s game before I realized this was the sequel

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Ngl I thought the same

Where can i watch the God Of War Ragnarok gamedesign if it would only be made for PS5?

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What…? Are you saying you looked at that trailer and thought it was step up ?

Ok it wasnt me. Not saying the game didnt look good…i thought they were showing a recap and i was like, oh shit i must have forgot…wait… No doubt though, game will be top tier.

no i’m asking where i can find the next gen gamedesign for God of War. there has to be something to compare this to.


It was a complete lie when Ryan said they beli3eve in generations just to keep pumping out cross Gen games into 2023