Skyrim Anniversary Edition: sneak peek at 15 of the new creations (Update: The Cause and the Ghosts of the Tribunal)

The Mythic Dawn returns, scavenging pieces to build and open an Oblivion Gate to the realm of their master, Mehrunes Dagon!

Daedric machinations await you, but so do Daedric rewards. In this adventure, you will hunt down the Mythic Dawn cult, last seen in force in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. They look to reconstruct one of the Gates of the Oblivion Crisis and it is up to you to stop them.

Your adventure will take you underground to the ancient Ayleid ruins of Rielle. Not only is this an opportunity to revisit this classic dungeon, but also fight its undead inhabitants: the wights. Fight your way through this dungeon to their moldering leader and learn more of the Mythic Dawn’s plans.

Additionally, the Ayleid Ruin dungeon kit is being added to the base game as a free modders’ resource for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems, just like the Root Dungeon kit added in 2019. We can’t wait to see what new locations our amazing modding community designs with this new kit!

The Cause is a multi-layered and multi-site adventure. In addition to the new enemies it also adds new gear to obtain and even a summonable Daedric horse. Dig deep and reap the rewards while dashing this nefarious plot.

Relics of Morrowind are yours to claim, including powerful artifacts like Hopesfire and Trueflame!

Most consider the Tribunal Temple to be a thing of the past. They assume no one would still worship the so-called living gods of Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Vivec after their disappearance. But not all have moved on, and pockets remain following the old ways.

In Ghosts of the Tribunal, you have the opportunity to assist and rebuild one of these rebel groups . . . or wipe them out completely. Whichever you chose, this adventure will reward you with new gear inspired by Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Don the armor of the ancient Ordinators, as well as the holy masks of the Tribunal themselves. Wield impressive weapons like Magebane, the Cleaver of St. Felms and Skull Crusher. And with this arsenal, face off against the vestige of an ancient foe.

Redguard Elite Armaments

Connect with a network of Redguard agents known as the Remnants and help them recover one of their own from the Thalmor. Includes a brand-new set of light armor plus two new weapons such as the legendary Yokudan sword Boneshaver! Created by ElleH. (The “Interception” quest starts by talking to Azadi in Shor’s Stone far north of Riften.)


This creation features seven classic staves from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Purchase staves with unique enchantments from Master Neloth or buy an unenchanted staff and apply one yourself! Quest by Kris Takahashi. (Items appear at vendors and in chests.)

Nchuanthumz: Dwarven Home

Operate the downstairs Manufactory and build automatons to restore this cavernous home to its original luster. Once rebuilt, its spacious halls make it the perfect residence for any fan of Dwemer architecture and engineering. Creation by Flenarn and Arthmoor. (The quest starts by reading "Seeks-Ancient-Artifacts’ Journal, Volume 1” in the Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.)


The legendary katana Goldbrand has been wielded by those who have turned the pages of history. Now, this weapon has returned to Skyrim at the resting place of one such hero. Discover the ancient tomb and be the one to write its next chapter. (The “A Matter of Pride” quest starts by finding Eranya in the Sacellum of Boethiah west of Windhelm.)


Build, upgrade and manage your own farmstead in the heart of Whiterun. Elect a steward to oversee its day-to-day operation and purchase upgrades such as animal pens, windmills, apiaries and stables. Whether it’s building a commercial empire, growing crops or working with animals, there are no shortage of gameplay options here. Created by Virginia “Steelfeathers” Smith. (The “The Unquiet Dead” quest starts by investigating Goldenhills Plantation, east of Rorikstead.)


In the forests of Falkreath lies a mysterious altar promising the gift of a single boon. Walk the path that reflects your desire (or lack thereof) and embark on a unique adventure based on that choice. Discover the fabled Bittercup and three separate quests! Quests by Kris Takahashi. (The “A Dying Wish” quest starts by reading Mysterious Altar at Dead Man’s Drink in Falkreath.)

Necromantic Grimoire

Rule over the realm of life and death with the Necromantic Arts pack. This creation features a unique necromancer robe with all new enchantments and variants, plus 13 necromancy themed spells allowing you to conjure a wide variety of skeletons, apparitions and powerful creatures, including the mighty Bone Colossus! Created by Virginia “Steelfeathers” Smith. (Items can be purchased at vendors and appear in containers.)

The Contest

Behind the din of tavern chatter, two warriors are embroiled in an argument. To settle it, they embark on a quest to see who can slay a monstrous spider. Follow their trail and learn what became of them. Includes the legendary “Fists of Randagulf” and the “Ice Blade of the Monarch” quest by Kris Takahashi. (The “Caught in a Web” quest starts by reading Adonato Leotelli’s Journal in Candlehearth Hall.)

Bow of Shadows

Forged by Nocturnal and used by assassins, it grants the user the gifts of invisibility and speed. Quest by Kris Takahashi. (The “In the Shadows” quest starts by speaking to the Jarl’s Steward in Dragonsreach.)

Bloodchill Manor

Perched high in the mountains to the north, this unique player home features several multi-level living quarters, including a dungeon area and bed coffins perfect for wardens of the night. Created by Elianora. (The “Guests for Dinner” quests starts by reading the Dinner Invitation delivered by courier upon reaching Level 12.)

Headman’s Cleaver

The Bloodfall Queen has had her cleaver stolen by an old foe. Track the bandits to their hideout and claim the Headman’s Cleaver as your reward. After all, the Queen can replace the weapon - what she desires is revenge. Quest by Kris Takahashi. (The “Blood in the Water” quest can be provided when asking an innkeeper if they’ve heard any rumors lately.)

Fearsome Fists

From Iron to Dragonplate, this creation offers 15 gauntlet variants that can be crafted, purchased or found in the world. Each pair has been affixed with spikes, blades or horns to give impact to your unarmed attacks. Mix and match with existing armors to diversify your look! Created by Hothtrooper44, with quest by Kris Takahashi. (Items appear at vendors, in chests and can be crafted at any forge.)

Gallows Hall

Old forts have long been bastions for the dead, as mortals both wicked and misunderstood have hung from their gallows. Here, a necromancer can find a home filling its coffers with treasures that suit the morbid and macabre - provided they survive it. Claim the legendary Bloodworm Helm, Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, and the Staff of Worms to wield the power of Mannimarco himself! Created by Rich Marin. (The “Dreams of the Dead” quest starts by reading Naara’s Journal within the abandoned fort on the northern edge of Mara’s Eye Pond.)


This all looks good! Still waiting on a price.

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I suspect Bethesda will reveal more each day.

The fearsom fists one makes me wonder if they will update the skill tree so that either one handed or two handed perks boost the attack of the weapons.

Can they you know talk about performance and graphic enhancements…

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It you want to play with fists or a general change for the skill tree I would recommend to download the Ordinator mod for Skyrim. Overhaul of the skill tree with a lot of cool perks. Did a playthrough with dragon shouts only because they added perks to make it interesting.

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Unless it’s on gamepass. There’s no way I’m buying this and I agree on performance and graphics. Has to be fully enhanced and not fps boosted with 1080p graphics

Skyrim is native 4K with fps boost lol

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Yep, I’m going back to Skyrim this holdiday season for sure.

I’m curious about these teased enhancements for Next-gen. Current version already runs great on SX.

Well then I’ve got something for you… Skyrim: Special Edition runs native 4K with 60 FPS Boost on Series X. Seriously…


I want to know the price of the upgrade, if it has a separate achievement list/added achievements and what graphical/technical improvements there is.

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Well then there’s even less incentive to buy this. No idea why bethesda feel the need to keep putting this game out. As for skyrim being 4k 60. It still got boosted. Pretty sure it runs 4k on default mode due to BC. But is it full serues x optimsied with actual next gen texture quality.

Because people keep buying it?

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Because it comes with a ton of extra content, that’s the incentive.

Who’s buying it? People buy a lot games. Doesn’t mean. Publishers should waste resources on re-releasing the same games over and over.

You can add more content till the end of time for skyrim.

Waste of resources when it can go to ES6

I did but I didn’t like it.

They’re not making ES6. They’re making Starfield with ES6 in extremely early dev. These are the creator’s club pieces of content, a mix of their own and the communities work. Please spend a few seconds looking into something before coming up with a completely baseless line of complaints.


There is little no work done on this from Bethesda aside from maybe tweaking graphics and adding fishing mode lol

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I never messed around with Creation Club content, but I assume these are all made by the studio itself, right? I saw in the video last week that there’s new quests too, but I think that’s all only for AE. Wonder if they will let us buy only the CC content or if they only offer it for full game.