Skull and Bones | Official Gameplay Reveal


I remember seeing that overview video a month ago or so, it was leaked.

Anyway, this does look good, surprisingly good actually. Visually it’s a bit hit or miss though.

It seems there aren’t any real adventure or combat to be had on land, just treasures to find but no combat. But that’s OK. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

I’m actually a bit hyped for this… I did not expect this.

A huge Black Flag-esque game, OPTIONAL PvP, can play solo, lots of ships and upgrades, big map, shanties. Yeah this is what I want. I love this setting.



it looks better than I expected. But overall I’m not that impressed. The fighting looked chaotic and lacked ‘weight’ and the UI is a mess. And all these cutscenes are going to be annoying after the first two hours of play.


I honestly don’t think this looks good at all from a gameplay pov. That UI is god awful.


Yeah, the UI seems all over the place, especially if you just played Elden Ring. I’m not impressed either so far, but I will wait to see more.

Looks really good visually. Happy that I can play solo even though there doesn’t appear to be a story campaign of any kind. Not happy about there not being able to board ships once you disable them and fight the crew on that ship ala Black Flag/Rogue/Origins/Odyssey. Would have liked to get off the ship for the crafting and gathering resources instead of doing that while on your ship. There doesn’t appear to be any underwater treasures or anything either.

Still don’t understand how it took Ubisoft almost a decade when they had the blueprint in Black Flag and Rogue. Will wait on reviews and impressions from YouTubers I follow.

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I think this game is going to suffer from SoT existence as well as multiple ongoing games. This game would have been neat back when it was supposed to be out back in I believe 2018. We got so many new games that is well liked and continuously played by many, I don’t know if there’s room for this game. It has to be really standout or go Game Pass day one. Seriously, $70 isn’t going to help.

$70 for this hurts, but it looks really fun.

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This is why im still hoping for Ubisoft+ to be added as a separate subscription so I can Ubi’s games for a nice $15 (their PC price) monthly rental.

The sailing and naval combat is my least favorite part of Assassin’s Creed games so I’m not at all interested in this. Still I’m kind of fascinated by this game’s development process because as has been said, the premise was literally “Black Flag without the Assassin storyline.” They had the technology pre-built and the blueprint done for them. And it still took ~9 years to deliver a product.

This just feels like something that can be part of the next assassins creed game. It doesnt seem that exciting to play tbh.

If we ever get Assassins creed black flag 2, this can be the sailing aspect of that game. May be its super fun explore to play and I might be wrong.

Yeah, at that price point (it’s $80 here) I’m only diving in Day One for games like RDR2, The Witcher 3 or such. Doubt this is on that level. Yeah, no.

I can’t motivate spending 8 months worth of Game Pass on a single game that is not something extraordinary. I guess this is what GP has done to me lol.

the move to increase costs in games that still have tons of post launch monetization is pure crap and I hate it


This sure could use a GamePass partnership to get over the initial price sting.

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I buy an Xbox giftcard from Sams Club or Costco whenever buying a game day 1. The %10 discount helps. Also I preorder which makes things more manageable because you can spread out your purchases, it’s like a gift to your future self.

Oof. did not realise this was £70, that’s quite a stinger. I even posted earlier about how this’d have an advantage launching at the cheaper price point, guess I was wrong there. I can probably say I won’t be getting it any time around launch because honestly there’s games I’ll likely want more but hey I’m still excited to see how this turns out.

Watching the last video, you can play PvE only which is great for me. Hoping Ubisoft+ arrives on Xbox by the time S&B launches.

Yeah, this is what got me excited in the first place. I’ll hope for Game Pass, if not nah

I can see Game Pass happening if their pre-order numbers are low like they were for Rainbow Six Extraction. I prefer Ubisoft+ because they add all their DLC and expansions so I can play other stuff for a far cheaper price and with Game Pass, it seems like it’s only going to be their “vault” games which does nothing for me as I already played and completed or in a few cases dropped them already. lol