Silent Hill 2 Remake details leaked, PS5/PC 12-month exclusive

Silent Hill 2 was released in 2001 on Xbox, PS2 and PC, and was the game that made me love the franchise. So much so that I remember jumping for joy when the remaster was announced for Xbox 360 (yes, it was a bad port but I loved the game that much damn it!), despite having the original non-greatest hits (black label) version for PS2.

Hearing that Sony paid to keep another game off Xbox for a year is not surprising… but the fact that it’s SH2 of all games is extremely disheartening to me, personally.

Rant aside, here are some details:

  • It will be developed by Bloober Team, famous of The Medium, and the Layers of Fear series.
  • The game will offer an over-the-shoulder camera view.
  • We see the return Masahiro Ito, and Akira Yamaoka. (!!!)
  • The game will be a 12-month long PlayStation 5 Exclusive and also on PC. There is no release date, but the game will be available for wishlisting on the PlayStation Store after the reveal.
  • The graphics have been described as ‘amazing’ and something that is truly next-gen.

How do you feel about Silent Hill 2 Remake?



I do not care. Microsoft had done the same thing, but Sony been a lot better so Microsoft going a deferent route. The truth I like the game and business practices at this time with Microsoft. And does helps I like the game coming out on Xbox and not interested to much in Sony’s games. I just wait for Sony games to come to pc. I know everyone can only afford one platform. But no matter what platform you buy there be game exclusive to the others one cannot play, It sucks but been that way since Atari

I’ll wait until we actually see it to give full comments, but for now, I just doubt Bloober will live up to the original game.

Yeah same. But on the other hand, say what you will about Sony, they do often drop quality products. So I’m guessing they saw it and liked what they saw.

Or not, we’ll see. It’s not the end or the world for me.

Sony exclusive: Xbox players suffers

Xbox exclusive: Xbox players get Gamepass


Like Destruction All-Stars? Like what they saw doesn’t factor quality all the time. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me this is more of “title value” than outcome. Just like KOTOR Remake.

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Let’s not forget that Babylon’s Fall was a Sony moneyhat. Just because they’re throwing money at something doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed quality.


If its 12 months and wipl definitely come to xbox in 12 months. Whatever…sony have done this shit before. But now you can see why they were trying to hide it.

Wonder if the CMA will even consider this crap Sony keep doing?

Yeah. Just compare Wo Long and Ronin

  • Wo Long: GP PC/Xbox, PC, Xbox, Playstation
  • Ronin: PC, Playstation

Or even more egregious Final Fantasay with Playstation only. Playstation - For the Payers and For the detriment of Gamers.

I think it is coming to Xbox after 12m because I think Konami is less stupid than Square Enix.

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Imagine, something worse than Konami (according to Internet) being more reliable over Square.

Nah, Ronin is an SIE published game and they even said Sony XDEV are helping work on that game.

Sony XDev is working with Team Ninja on Rise of the Ronin | VGC.

In this case, the exclusivity of Ronin is in the right.


I wonder who’s making the other game. And if that at least comes to Xbox…

Guess I will play it on GP a year later.


Considering it’s Sony, this 12 months thing is a best case scenario.

I’m feeling like Xbox only players are going to miss a lot of stuff this gen, not just a big amount of first party developer like Sony’s, but a loot of third parties (some of them will be playable after 1-2+ years at least tho), as Sony seems to be getting more and more serious, just in the last 10 months i can count KOTOR, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the Team Ninja’s game and Silent Hill.

These are no small names, and their yearly conference hasn’t happened yet, expect at the very least Metal Gear Solid being announced everywhere but on Xbox in the next couple months.

Luckily, other than FF (and we’ll see what happens with FFVII Part 2), all their moneyhats are on PC day 1 too, so it could be worse i guess, PC getting too big to be ignored, probably even From Software’s PS5 exclusive (it’s happening obviously) will also appear on PC.

It’s a good move is all i can say, their 2023 already looking stacked with Forspoken, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy 16, maybe FFVII Part 2, and that’s not counting their first party.

Not a single one of those is something I would’ve bought day one anyway. I really am on the right side of the console fence lol.

Starfield > all of those games combined.


I can wait a year.

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While its true well miss out. We will also gain a lot too

Remember ps users wont be olaying many bethesda games or blizzard ones in the future.

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At least we know the exclusivity period.

I’m excited !!

The stream is today right? So we’ll find out about the other game (or games) soon.