Sik's House Build - "Under Construction" (IMAGE HEAVY)


So as many folks may be aware - I bought a new house. I’ve spent the last three weeks on leave from my real job renovating it, and thought folks might be intrigued to see some of the changes thus far. The house hadn’t been touched since it was built in 1976, and was last decorated in 1981.

There has been a lot of work, and DIY is not my strong suit, so I’ve been lucky to have a really good friend who is a master of ALL trades helping me with all the work.

Day 1:

And, this, this is my rough target render of what it’ll eventually look like:

So Day2:

We take down the wall, and remove the old kitchen and demolish the old decorative fireplace as much as possible.

Then it was a case of replumbing and rewiring the entire house. No small task.

Bye old plumbing!

Bye fireplace!

Then we began replasterboarding the ground floor - and then plastering!

We also demolished the bathroom while the plasterers were in…

Took down the old internal wall (it was a bit rubbish!)

And built a new one!

And now we need to get the ceiling painted before the underfloor heating goes down next week!


I’ll update this thread as time goes on. :slight_smile:


Going to look great dude. Lots of work done so far it seems.

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Very Cool and Nice Jon :relieved::+1:

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Looking awesome my guy.

“Sik” job mate :wink:


This is awesome. My wife and I bought an old house the inspector dated back to 1890 or so. The rebuild has been a long process but a ton of fun and very rewarding.


We just finished renovating our house too, took bloody ages (over a year), but the end result was very satisfying. Will post pics later.

@Sikamikanico it looks amazing so far mate. Is that the first floor in the pics?

Looks really good! Keep at ot!

The big plastered space is the ground floor. Anything not that room is the floor above.

Lots to do, but the kitchen arrives this week. Gonna be a busy one!

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A lot of respect you do this. I’d never take on a task like this. :smile:

I am full of regret right now, but when it’s done I’m hoping I’ll feel differently.

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Soldier on and you’ll have something you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

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Until he moves again :joy:

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Will realise we’ve made a stack of money and get into flipping houses instead :smiley:

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Underfloor heating system going down today. Feels good to be close to seeing an actual floor soon. Lots of progress this week.

Kitchen has arrived


More progress!

Nearly there now… Nearly.


Poor Tom


Looking great @Sikamikanico

Jesus Christ. It looks incredible. My wife wants to know if you want to fly to Australia and tackle our house. loI.

The XboxEra team house looking good. #influencers