Sik's House Build - "Under Construction" (IMAGE HEAVY)


Awesome work!

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That house is Beautiful, Amazing work Sik, I mentioned we had done work on our first one but it was nothing compared to that.

You should be very proud, that looks gorgeous.

I would post our new house as a comparison but since we paid some muscled Germans to do the whole thing, it doesn’t have the same satisfaction :slight_smile:


I should update this thread with some new imagery I think!

Update! (Cos I haven’t in a while)

Still needs all the brickslips in the lounge/diner and some more paint here and there, but it’s livable!


Those dark kitchen cabinets are gorgeous, like the proper big shower too, we splurged and had ours 6’ x 6’ its so lovely to have a family shower.

And ask for Germans builders and you shall recieve…

Just after being finished.

3 Years later.

I can’t find anything of inside, but while we paid to have the whole thing built, we did the whole garden alone… Never again :slight_smile:

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That looks incredible! Love modern architecture and those big tall windows are gorgeous.

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It was so much fun visiting an architect. We had to remove so much stuff to bring costs down, the balcony, the wood fire which was open on two sides so it could be enjoyed in the family room and living room, the garage being “attached” by a bridge so you could walk from the spare room window and use it as a raised seating area in the trees. My OLED sobs

I complained that I had to do all the network stuff, but it was fun making the patch bay under the stairs watching Hey Duggee with my eldest.

It seems gauche to talk about it, but we worked so hard to be able to afford it and we were very lucky with plots and cashing out before Brexit dropped the pound.

and thanks btw :heart:

We bought a house with some land a few years ago, but the house foundation was shit and we didn’t know at the time, so we will need to tear down the house. But looking at what you did, I can see ourselves doing something similar.

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Foundations are a pain, we had a small issue where our plot is actually lot lower than the sewer system than the architect assumed/planned so we needed to either raise it 100mm or buy expensive pumps to ensure that the waste and water could be pushed uphill to the sewer.

We assumed no-one would ever want to go in and fix broken poo pumps, so we raised, and boy 100mm does not sound expensive until it is spread out over a large area. That did for the OLED :slight_smile: