Showdown round 5! the FINAL! Hey, Master Chief, you're finally awake


  • Halo
  • The Elder Scrolls

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  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Fallout
  • Fable

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Halo is eh. TES all day every day.



On a more serious note @SuikerBrood thank you for all your hard work doing this it’s been great! :+1:


The results (I know this isn’t fair to some games, live with it! :slight_smile: )

  1. Gears of War
  2. Forza
  3. Prey
  4. The Outer Worlds
  5. Starfield
  6. Doom
  7. Minecraft
  8. Ori
  9. Perfect Dark
  10. Quake
  11. The Evil Within
  12. Wolfenstein
  13. Dishonored
  14. Avowed/Pillars of Eternity
  15. Killer Instinct
  16. Sea of Thieves
  17. Age of Empires
  18. Project Gotham Racing
  19. Conker
  20. State of Decay
  21. Wasteland
  22. Deathloop
  23. Battletoads
  24. Commander Keen
  25. Grounded
  26. Flight Simulator
  27. Ghostwire Tokyo

The Elder Scrolls winning over the game which MADE Xbox is outrageous.

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I personally think it shows how big the Bethesda acquisition really was.

Once we start having titles like Call of Duty, Diablo, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Crash and Spyro etc it will become even more difficult to choose. I truly think Xbox are just going after the biggest IP’s now.


I guess there’s also the argument that Morrowind was the OTHER game to make Xbox (alongside KOTOR etc).


I think a lot of people vote for TES in spite of Halo.

Pretty bold statement with 23 votes🙋‍♂️

TES is Microsoft’s biggest IP (excluding Minecraft) before the ABK deal closes. I think Skyrim sold over 40 million or something which is wild. Halo is still an important IP and it’s what defined Xbox for generations but with all of these new acquisitions Halo may not be the top dog anymore.


I don’t necessarily think so, Halo may (likely) still win the vote but I think it’s closer than many would think it is.

The Elder Scrolls is one of the biggest and most profitable franchises in the world.

One franchise that has been on the decline (tho on the come up hopefully) and one whose last entry people are still playing in large numbers 11 years after its release.


Were not voting for the game that made xbox, we’re voting for the better series

and that is Elder Scrolls

There’s no “may not” about it

Halo isn’t top dog anymore, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, arguably even Forza Horizon are bigger than Halo is now, Starfield will be too

Wouldnt be surprised to see more franchises over the next few years surpass it as well, even without ABK

Halo should win, but it is sad how Halo is in decline. 343 had such a huge chance to redeem it with Infinite launch but now they only hope is that it will become better eventually.

IMO, TES has been a part of Xbox since Morrowind launched as an exclusive, it’s history with Xbox is just as long as Halo’s, and it helped establish Xbox as the western rpg console. Something that Microsofts is trying to re establish once again.


Halo was the Xbox killer game.

TES is PC, Xbox, PS, even Switch killer game at times.

Shall we look back at the last 3 games from each series and see how many hours we’ve put in combined? :thinking:


Remember that time in your real life that sucked hard so you escaped into a magical land full of fun and fantasy? Don’t let it die in vein! For the Brotherhood! :smirk:

This was such a difficult decision for me. I’m not joking or using hyperbole when I say that Halo and The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind were the two games that got me back into gaming at a time when I was willing to walk away. I seriously wouldn’t be here on this forum annoying some of you if it weren’t for those two games.

I’ve spent countless hours playing each franchise and I legitimately have both in my top 5 franchises of all time. My decision to vote for TES has more to do with overall importance as a franchise (In general but also to me personally) and not just importance to Xbox. We all know Xbox probably wouldn’t be here if not for Halo, but Oblivion was also a key game that kept the 360 momentum going and we all know what Skyrim did.

Simply put, TES has the ability to give me a near endless amount of content due to the openness of the game to the modding community along with a world that let’s me be whoever I want to be in a way. Plus, I 'll always give fantasy the slight nod over sci-fi.

Both franchises are incredible and I believe both franchises deserve to win, but at the end of the day…

Christophe Lambert


The Elder Scrolls. Especially in Europe, there is no contest.

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Plenty of shooters on the market but there’s only one TES.