Should Xbox give Kamiya and Platinum another crack at Scalebound?

I might be a bit biased because I absolutely love Kamiya’s games especially Okami but I really wish MS would give Platinum another chance. Now that Phil has the power of the purse and more importantly with Kamiya practically begging MS to finish Scalebound, should MS mend fences with Platinum?

You have a bigger budget and you have a much more powerful box so the problems that plagued the game originally wouldn’t be present. Plus it’d be a marquee Japanese title that Xbox needs.

Would love for them to skip the multiplayer portion and just make an amazing single player focused game. Preferably at 60 FPS

I think so. Ms has enough in the pipeline now that it can keep it under wraps until it’s all they want it to be.

Also with investments so big as they are such an ambitious title could be fully realized.

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I’d love to see it, I don’t know how expensive it would be so I can’t say if it makes financial sense, but I wanna see the game for sure. However, the co-op aspect was the most exciting thing, so I wouldn’t want that dropped.

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To let them invest in other games they are making and letting the Xbox game to rot ? They literally took a break from making Scalebound.

I really don’t know why Platinum Games are so beloved in the Xbox community. They made great games but I would rather go with a new developer like Cyberconnect2 or JP Games.

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I’m very fond of Kamiya games like Wonderful 101 and Okami so I’m probably a bit biased :3

Okami is one of my favourite game of all time. And bringing up W101 shows how much they care for Xbox. They literally said that there will be no Xbox port because of the game engine. The architecture of Xbox is so different from PS4 or PC. What a lie. Why should we trust such a company ?

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I’m not sure Platinum and Kamiya have what it takes to deliver a big-scale triple-A open world-ish technically advanced RPG with so much scale. All their best games are much smaller in scale, scope and budget, and even then they already wear themselves thin by working on several projects at the same time. For every Bayonetta we got a terrible game like Korra. For every Astral Chain, something bad like TMNT came up. For every Nier, we get a cheap port of an already pretty meh game like Wonderful 101.

The Scalebound train, for better or worse, is gone. They had several years to show something good but the game simply always sounded better than it really was in motion. If anything, Microsoft could fund “their” Platinum exclusive like Nintendo did, but make it their usual breed of linear-ish third person action instead of aiming for a huge RPG that competes with Assassin’s Creed or Monster Hunter.

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Kamiya and platinum games are just not capable enough for a big rpg imo

I still feel like their best game is bayonetta 1. (granted I haven’t played my copy of Astral Chain yet, so that might change)

Everything else just feels average to bad imo :frowning:

But if they let him and platinum have another crack, I’d check it out on game pass, and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

I can’t help but wonder if Platinum would make a good acquisition. With the combination of Microsoft’s funding, hands off approach, and Game Pass making it easier than ever to take a risk it could be a good fit.

I agree they are hit and miss, but they take a lot of risks and continue to stand out and develop a cult following. With Spencer seemingly fine with studios working on smaller AA projects and xCloud coming to Japan in early 2021 it makes me think Platinum could focus on being creative and making whatever they dream up.

If MS said you can run semi-independently and publish games as Platinum, with a strong likelihood of also being enabled to publish on Switch, that’s got to be something they’d consider.

Honestly I think Tencent is more likely than anyone to scoop up Platinum. The biggest problem with Platinum though is that they don’t own their own IP’s. I think that’s why they wanted to start self publishing so they can own their own IP’s and Tencent funded them.

Platinum’s issue is they’re consistently over-extended. Hampered by their business model IMO. If Platinum could stay dedicated to a game funded by Microsoft, would I like to see it? Absolutely. Kamiya and his A team is talented. It doesn’t have to be Scalebound either. I think that game was a Frankenstein of ideas and had a limited ceiling as a result.

This was my most anticipated game for years… and as a Gears die hard, that meant a lot to me.

If both sides decide to try again, I’d be beyond happy.

Can we just let this game vanish from our collective memory? I don’t understand we people always come back to it when all we got was some E3 videos. There’re plenty of RPGs coming from xbox, especially with Bethesda acquisition, so there’s no reason to cry over that game. Both Microsoft and Platinum agreed it didn’t work as planned so it was gone for good.

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hmmm yeah but i want the game rebooted keep the dragon companion idea and change the rest

yeah but this is JRPG or Action JRPG Game, most of Xbox games Are WRPG

Nah, this failed project must have cost MS a load of cash with 0 return, the game didn’t even have good mind share. Should just be consigned to the trash. Move on with other partners.

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I 100% think scalebound will come back, I don’t know which studio will make it but I really think it would be a big thing for MS to do to fix their “wrong” in a lot of eyes.

If it does come back it has to be with Platinum because if not there would be backlash. I don’t think we’ll ever see this game again.

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I didn’t research, but I’ve only read about timeliness and funding issues (also related to timeliness). Are you alluding to additional hardware problems or am I misunderstanding the sentence structure?

No let this IP die