Should Xbox Game Studios focus on reviving old IPs or producing new IPs?

The fact that not one post mentions Killer Instinct is a shame.



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Oh wow. Obviously, I didn’t know that and until hearing you say it in the podcast, I never thought of it at all.

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My opinion they need to create a new Studio or group of studios that’s purpose is to revive old IP’s. Call it Legacy or something like that, just like we have support studios and remaster/remake studios MS should carve out a studio group to look at dead MS ip’s and figure out the best way to bring them back to modern gaming.

So something similar to bluepoint? I imagine it would be difficult to create a studio of that caliber right away.

Isn’t their current approach of making the IP available to all of their studios better? That way if they are passionate about picking up an IP and if they aren’t, they don’t.

If there is a need to make a game none of the internal studios want to make, that’s where XGSP comes in.

A game being is great is all that matters, but if I had to choose I’d rather have new IPs.

There is so much interest around Fallout New Vegas and Banjo Kazooie, Xbox would be foolish to go an entire gen without revisiting them, be it a remaster or a remake or even a new take.

Edit: Without Xcloud looming visiting Rare’s IPs might be a good strategy for Japanese/mobile markets.

I’m a strong advocate for the revival of Brute Force and Ninety-Nine Nights as potential franchises.

Brute Force sure is not the greatest, but I still love the game and see it’s future if brought back. Imagine a sort of Mass Effect like game with a ship HUB different, alien team allies, armor upgrades, weapon upgrades, loadouts before missions, skill trees, etc. The Coalition is the perfect studio to bring it back given their work with Gears 5 and heroes/classes. Hawk from Brute Force plays similarily to Infiltrator class both are able to go invisible. Tho Hawk uses a power blade and Infiltrator uses a shotgun. Each member has a special ability and like I said is similar to Gears 5 class ultimates. And the Hivebuster DLC to command them to use ultimates and strategizing was nice. Brute Force can play like the Hive buster DLC in that way command to use skills and other commands like the original.

Ninety-Nine Nights can really go into several ways one is scrapping the hack and slash gameplay and becoming a fantasy fighting game. The games already have a huge roster of unique characters across the first and sequel. Possibly being Xbox’s Soulcalibur given the similarity to the light and dark orb or soul edge and soulcalibur. Or be an action adventure game with different playable heroes across several missions for each character. With the additional horde like mode where you can create a character and pick weapons and orb spark power or magic. Maybe have a triangle system like Mass Effect Combat/Orb Spark/Magic. The last one is stick to the original genre but improve it dramatically like the second one sort of did. The game can be Xbox’s Hyrule Warriors maybe even add more original characters to play as for a huge roster. Hell even add in some Xbox character that could fit in like Senua and Killer Instinct characters.I believe Tango Gameworks should bring it back.

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RYSE has a potential future imho. Shadowrun is a series I’ve never touched in my life, but what little I know of it sounds like it could be ripe for revival. I could see Banjo Kazooie being big too if they got the right team to do it (Playtonic/Rare collab). I’d like to see a new IP from Coalition once Gears 6 is done.

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I don’t see the point in bringing back Ryse. Most of the suggestions I’ve seen have it not even tied to the original game and there is no value in the name Ryse.

They’d be better off making action adventure game in historical setting and not calling it Ryse.


When WB was more on the table, I thought Monolith doing an action-RPG in the Shadowrun world, complete with the Nemesis system, would be the way to go.

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I don’t understand the obsession with new IP, the most loved games have almost always been storied franchises and remakes lol, I think it must come from the Xbox side because Xbox has always been viewed as Halo, Gears and Forza. People are getting confused with wanting a new game that’s not those 3 games and wanting a new IP. If Perfect Dark is a 95 meta game are people going to not play it because it’s not new IP? of course not.

I’m not against new IP of course but it shouldn’t be forced, we should have a mix of new IP and storied franchises, it doesn’t need to be one or the other.

Like many have said so many good IP that MS owns that haven’t always been successful BUT Xbox is in a completely different spot now and have really high quility studios to make these games. God of War is a perfect example, MS could easily do that to one of their dormant IPs.

They just brought back MS flight sim and look at all the praise they got for that, funny enough scored higher than actual games despite being a flight sim.

I’ve been asking for a sequal to Ryse and Quantum Break which aren’t that old. Viva Piñata would be sick too.

edit: I should also add old IP revivals should only be done if there is a good reason to like a team has a really good vision for the game. I guess it would be ok for some of them to be revived and then look for a team to come up with a great idea how to do it but don’t force the idea if it is bad lol.

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A mix of both would probably be the best scenario, but I think a lot of their beloved IP are probably better left in the past, despite how I personally feel about them. The only ones I think are probably worth the effort to resurrect are titles like Banjo-Kazooie, Mech-something, maybe Fuzion Frenzy, Shadowrun.

Continuing Killer Instinct would probably worth another shot as well. I love the Crimson Skies series, Lost Odyssey, PGR, Crackdown, etc. but I don’t know that there’s really a place for them anymore. They’d have to be something quite a bit different to work in 2021+ imo.

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Is there a good overview of all the IP‘s Microsoft/Xbox is owning at the moment?

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Halo, Gears and Forza /s

I tried having a look today but the wiki for it is weird, it looks like it’s mixed with games published by MS and some they don’t own the rights so its up in the air. I did make a list of cool games they could/maybe bring back though if they own the IP!

  • MechCommander
  • Zoo Tycoon
  • Fuzion Frenzy
  • Urban Assault
  • Outwars
  • Midtown Madness
  • Asheron’s Call
  • Microsoft Allegiance
  • Starlancer
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•Viva Piñata

•Crimson Skies

•some other shit


I picked “mix of both” generally speaking I would prefer something new, but an old game getting its universe expanded is appealing too.

Do MS (still?) own the rights to Freelancer?

If so I would love them to revive Freelancer.

As far as I’m aware yes?

Make them revive it Nick! Do it, I believe in you :heart:


I suppose the frustrating thing is that creatively, the franchises that least need sequels or new entries are the ones that already have a bunch of them. We don’t actually need Halo 6 (Halo 8 counting odst and reach). But commercially, there’s no question it will continue to be made until such time as it isn’t a big moneymaker.

If every podunk IP in the stable got sequels we would have no room for new IPs. But there are a few that would be nice to see. I’d personally like to see the big IPs take a rest for a while as soon as Xbox has enough draws to stand without them. That way the big studios can take a crack at new big things, and when they do return to those mega blockbuster franchises people will be really thirsty for them and they can go in bold new directions.

For the sequels we do get, I’d like them to be games that haven’t had any or many. But this is all my personal wishes, not wise corporate strategy.