Should I get an Elite Series 2 Controller?

Was wondering if anyone knew if the build issues that affected this controller on release were ever solved by Microsoft?

I have got to the point where I am giving up on the Series controller. I like the d-pad. It’s cool to have a screenshot button. But the ‘ergonomic’ changes are the exact opposite for me. Any long gaming session and I get pain in my fingers, my wrists, and going up my forearms. Just can’t do it anymore, I am done with it.

I found the Xbox One controller near perfect in its comfort. I preferred the higher tension of the 360 sticks, and prefer the faceted d-pad of the Series controller … and this seems to point to the Elite Series 2 as being ideal.

It’s got the Xbox One controller shape, faceted d-pad, even tension adjustment to give the sticks a bit more resistance. On paper, sounds perfect – I can live without a screenshot button.

Just worried about being burnt by spending that much and then needing a replacement.

Does anyone know those widely-reported problems are still at large? If so, guess I will just get a standard Xbox One controller and use that.

I really like mine but it’s 90% the back paddles and 10% everything else. I haven’t had any horror stories with bumpers not working or stick drift and I’ve owned one as long as they’ve been available.

But if normal controllers had back paddles I probably wouldn’t have made the jump.


There’s cheaper alternatives to get back paddles.

It’s hard to ever justify $200 controller, let alone one that has serious durability issues.

I think the Elite Seres 2 is great, I haven’t had any problems either. I don’t think it really has more than any other controller really, it wears down since it is getting heavy use which is to be expected. It’s simply a more expensive thing and that’s why people complain.

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Are there actually cheaper (wireless) pads with back peddles? As far as I know it’s this or Scuff, which is even more expensive.

Regardless, back peddles are not really part of the justification for me, although I am interested to try them. It’s the standard Xbox One chassis shape (which I found super comfortable), faceted dpad and adjustable tension on the sticks.

I don’t mind spending a bit more if it’s the right product.

Aren’t those all wired controllers?

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The back paddles are great in some games, not for everything. The most neat thing however is to be able to have different heights on the sticks, i tend to have the left one bigger than the right for some reason, feels great. Also adjusting sensitivity of the triggers is nice. Overall the best thing is how customizable it is for your own preferences I’d say.

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Yes, you should get one. The Elite is the best gaming controller ever created. Had a Series 1, loved it. Currently using a Series 2, love it. Never had any issues with either but that could be because I am careful about how I treat my stuff.

Never knew that I needed back paddles until I started using them, now I can never go back. Adjustable responsiveness & lock-stops on the triggers. Adjustable dead-zones & tension on the thumb-sticks. Creating & saving different profile settings for different genres of games… It’s all great. I would heartily recommend one to anybody with an Xbox & more than a passing interest in their gaming :+1:

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Yeah the adjustable stick height is an interesting factor too. Much like the back peddles, though, it’s one of those things that you can’t know if you’ll use it till it’s in your hands so I wouldn’t make a purchase on the basis of either. Might just prefer the standard stick height and never use the peddles, who knows. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But the whole package is really attractive. Still just worried about the build though.

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It’s a fantastic controller, but there are build issues for sure. I got mine last April or so and had to send it in to Microsoft twice because the right bumper stopped working. The second time I called them about it, they told me it was the last day it was in warranty (I think they give you an additional 3 months in the US when they replace it). I don’t know that it’s worth the hassle, because I’m dreading it failing again and then I’m stuck with an expensive paperweight.

I really hope that they fix these issues with the next revision, but I’ll definitely wait a while to hear what people think.

Edit: To Microsoft’s credit, it’s always very fast to replace it.

Second edit: Built-in battery is something to consider too. It won’t always keep its charge well. If you can get it from Costco (US), I think they have pretty great customer service and might help you exchange it even if it’s out of warranty, but your mileage may vary.


This right here. I have 40+ Xbox controllers and outside normal wear and tear I only had one with a problem, the d-pad was broken out of the gate. Got a replacement.

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In the UK there is a year warranty by law on all electrical products, so I’m not worried about literally losing my money. It’s more the hassle, as you allude to, of spending that much money and going into a loop of constant replacement. :thinking:


Yeah, that is definitely something to keep in mind. I’ve been lucky with having the right boxes around, and my building does pick-up so I haven’t had to go out of my way at all but you could be signing yourself up for busywork every once in a while. I would wait for a revision and hope they improved their build quality if I were you.

If you do get it, go into the Accessories app to make sure it’s on the latest firmware, and test out the buttons a lot, gently press them repeatedly and make sure they register. I’ve heard that the face buttons can be a problem area too though I haven’t experienced it myself.

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I’ve also never broken a controller in over 30 years of gaming.

I have friends who always seem to be replacing controllers, but then when I see how they treat theirs – slamming the sticks against the housing as hard as they can, hammering buttons with way more force than needed – it’s pretty obvious why.

So I do wonder if the people with ‘build issues’ – outside the usual bad luck of getting a defective model out of the gate – are people who mistreat controllers and expect this one to be impervious to it because it’s expensive … or whether there really is a deeper problem. :thinking:

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You have over 40 Xbox controllers?!

Do you just thoroughly enjoy making them in the design lab or something? :laughing:

They are well built pads though, I think. Even just the normal ones that come with the console always feel much better than the competition’s efforts.

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I can only speak for myself, but the price tag is so high that I absolutely baby them. No aggressive mashing, never dropped them, only ever gently set them down on flat stable surfaces, only ever charge with the official cable, everything short of a velvet pillow.


There’s your problem. Never forget the velvet pillow.

Rookie error to be honest man.


On my Elite V1 I had to fix the bumpers myself because of broken plastic piece all too common on the V1. That was fixed with V2 design but there are still other issues related to them. Some can be mitigated yourself like adjusting or removing a plastic piece, but some requires surface mount desoldering and soldering of the replacement component.

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Thanks for the input all. Decided life is too short and just ordered one. Fingers crossed I get no issues. :+1: