Should I buy LG CX with only original Xbox One or wait for Series X?

There is a sale in my country SEA. Brand new 55 CX for about $1300. But I only have Original Xbox One atm. Is it worth to use OLED since most games are only 30fps and I cannot output 4K HDR? Will I see any improvement when playing 30 fps games, watching anime? (coming from 50 inch Toshiba Full HD LED)

Or it will cause stutter?

Still concern to get it now or get it when I have Series X. Sorry for my bad English.

Get the TV now, it will be brilliant with Series X. As for og Xbox One you definitely will see a better image, deeper blacks, amazing contrast etc.


Get it. The upgrade from your current set will be breathtaking. :slight_smile:

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Grab the opportunity asap!

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Do it right now! :slight_smile:

I have the C9 and it’s amazing, I can only imagine how amazing the successor is. And especially great is playing these Xbox One games in not so great resolution and having your mind blown once you get the XSX with all that 4K/HDR goodness.

It’s worth it for that alone, and of course the price.

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Yo thank guys! I finally pulled the trigger and it will arrive tomorrow. I have game pass but dont know which SDR game should be the showcase for OLED. I think I will try Ori Will of the Wisps.

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Don’t worry it will be worth it later with the SX you’ll be blown away.

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@Staffy @The_Xboxer Yo, I finally get the CX. Mostly can only setting SDR gaming and SDR movie/anime atm (can watch HDR on TV in-app though)

My question is which temperature color are you guys using? I saw most people on youtube recommend warm 2 but I think it looks too yellow?

If you can, please share your full SDR gaming and movie setting. Much appreciated!

Warm 2 can indeed be a bit too green/yellow without calibration. Realistically Warm 2 is a bit too green/yellow and Warm 1 is a bit too blue, but if Warm 1 looks better to you, stick with that.

You mean calibration from profesionnal calibrators? Even in warm 1 the white look a bit yellow not completely white. Medium looks white. I came from Full HD Toshiba so I’m a noob :joy:

Medium is going to be way too cold/blue. Warm 2 can be a bit too yellow/green, but Warm 1 is already undoubtedly more blue than what would be considered accurate. Leave it on Warm 1 for a couple weeks and allow your eyes to adjust. You’ll find that it no longer looks yellow, and that Medium looks too cool.

I have a C9 but settings should be similar. Here’s my settings, focusing on accuracy over “pop”:


  • Aspect Ratio Settings: Original
  • Energy Saving: Off

Picture Mode Settings

  • ISF Dark Room
  • OLED LIGHT: 60
  • Contrast: 98 (this comes from Disney blu-ray test patterns, Xbox test patterns, and YouTube test patterns for accuracy. You should check test patterns yourself to ensure it’s right for your set)
  • Brightness: 54 (this comes from Disney blu-ray test patterns, Xbox test patterns, and YouTube test patterns for accuracy. You should check test patterns yourself to ensure it’s right for your set)
  • Sharpness: 10
  • Color: 50
  • Tint: 0

Expert Controls

  • Dynamic Contrast: Off
  • Super Resolution: Off
  • Color Gamut: Auto
  • Gamma: BT.1886
  • White Balance / Color Management: Leave alone unless you have calibration tools
  • Peak Brightness: Off

Picture Options:

  • Everything “Off”, except for TruMotion, which is set to “User”, with De-Judder 1 and De-Blur 10, and OLED Motion Off.
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Thank you! I’m curious why not use game mode?

If you’re asking for SDR settings for games, then yes, feel free to use Game Mode. I was just sharing my general SDR settings.

I see. So you use the same setting for game and other things. One thing. When I set color gamut to auto, the color looks washed out. I always set it to wide.

I also set black level to auto. It looks way better but sometime in dark place they lose details.

Yes, if you’re aiming for accuracy with your settings, they should remain the same across any input.

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Yeah, ever since I have been buying HDTVs I always checked what the professional websites recommended and their recommendations are just not for me at all. For a cartoony looking game warm 2 is way too yellowish indeed, but for many things it is. I mine set to medium. I like that the best.

I also saw people telling me to not touch the color gamut, but I did. I like it Infinitely better than the default.

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I left it as it is for now since I play on my X1X. Will recalibrate when getting XSX.

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@digitalrelic I swear I could adjust peak brightness in filmmaker before, I was still considering between off and high.

But it became gray out and I cannot adjust it anymore. Any reasons?

No idea on that one. I have a C9 so I don’t have experience with Filmmaker Mode.

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You may want to wait on Ori until Series X or at least compare it between the two once you have Series X. 4K/120 is going to be insane. Series X will get the enhanced version of Ori. Will be beautiful either way though.

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