Share your gaming setup!

Holy shit some of you have amazing setups, I won’t post mine as I’ll be put to shame.

I am moving house in the coming months though and I’m planning on having a “gaming room” in my new place rather than just having my Xbox in my living room.

I sport a 65" C9 myself but I sit at least 2m away (slightly more)


My gawd, its beautiful!

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Wow some great looking setups my favorite of the ones posted so far is @CasualMason Here’s mine nothing too special but works for me.


Thanx man! I like the floating shelves for yours :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I love how it came out, we re did our whole living room and it really updated the look

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55" LG C9

Xbox One X



PC under the desk (i7 8700k and RTX 2070)

Bose 3-2-1 system

Closing on a house in a few weeks so this will change quite a bit


That’s a beautiful chair. Looks super comfy

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Those are some great setups! I just bought a new house & moved recently. I’m still waiting on the rest of my furniture. Covid-19 has messed it all up unfortunately. I will definitely be showing off my #GameCave when it’s all set up… Really enjoyed looking at these! Thanks for sharing! #GameOn


I’ve been practically living in front of my desk the last few months, so don’t mind the clutter. :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the forum! Sorry about the issues with the move, hope it gets sorted soon.


Some nice setups. Maybe I will take a picture of the theater room where we play, but I don’t like sharing personal details on the Internet.

Thanks! Yeah it is super comfortable for me at least because the way you sit during gaming sessions is very personal.

For instance I like it that I cannot rest my arms like on a normal arm chair. Also when I sit in this chair my body leans a bit backwards which gives me a very comfortable position for long gaming sessions.

I also changed my setup. Just after I bought the new LG OLED 55 C9 my girlfriend asked if I could create a sort of cinema setup including speakers and so on.

A normal AV + 5.1/7.1 setup was out of the question because there is no way to wire the speakers at the back so I decided to buy an LG SL10YG Soundbar with SPK8 wireless rear speaker kit.

The Xbox One X is moved inside the cabinet in a horizontal position. Soundbar on top of the cabinet and subwoofer at the right. image


I haven’t moved out yet from my parents but I’ll have a similar issue in terms of not being able to have a full 7.1 setup. As such I went with an Atmos soundbar to approximate the feeling of one.

What’s the name of the awesome wood unit under your TV?

Slightly old image, the TV on the left is now a Samsung Q9 and there’s a PS4 Pro under the TV.


You guys are crazy awesome stuff :o

I can’t compete but I think I have a decent setup.


Dude I love that chair, where di you get it from? This would be ideal for my setup, also rocking a C9 (65 inch) and being able to have the chair where I need it would be amazing.

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Thanks. I got it here:

I do not know where you live, but this company is based in the Netherlands.

@PerfectStorm I have a matching dining table, living room table and cupboard. I have to look it up where I got it from but as I said earlier, I live in the Netherlands and also bought it there.


Amazing thanks, I’m in UK here so not too far from you. Sure there will be an equivalent here somewhere, that chair just looks super comfy!

Bit far away from the screen (or rather need bigger screen, but wife’s not agreeing to that), but the room is large.