Share your gaming setup!

Hey everyone!

I thought it would be nice for us to share our gaming setups.

I usually game on my bedroom. I have a Xbox One X and a Switch connected to a low-budget 40" 4K Samsung TV (KU6000). Hanging on the wall is a plastic and a real guitar, which I use for Rock Band 4 and Rocksmith.

I was planning to replace my TV for a 55" C9, but COVID made me choose between a new TV or save for the Series X.

My notebook is a Dell Inspiron 15 (7572-A30C) which I mainly use for work.



That’s a sweet setup!

I won’t be sharing mine yet… as it’s a total mess at the moment. :smiley:


I have a 65" Samsung high end Qled in living room with 1X and switch connected, most of my gaming is done here.

I have a 65" 1080p TV at bottom of my bed with PS4.

I also have an old PC that can handle Sea of Thieves just about in my office.

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My real simple Setup in the corner of the living room. 360 on one half of the unit and my Xbox One X on the other. Usually do all my gaming here whilst the wife is using the big TV… together alone time :sweat_smile:


my setup on far wall in bedroom


Love it, clean, classy.

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Clean design, looks awesome!

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From left to right:

  • Sony Gold headset (left over from my PS4 - uncharted bundled)

  • Mafia III game

  • TurtleBeach Stealth 700 (looking to buy a Lucidsound LS50, but not available in Europe unfortunately)

  • Elite v1 controller

  • Elite v2 controller on charging dock

  • Scorpio Edition controller

  • Xbox Media Remote

  • Both the Elite controller’s carrying case

On top is my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition hooked up to a 2013 LG 55" tv which will be replaced in a couple of days with an LG OLED C9 55"


Well now this is a thread I like! So here are some pics of my theater along with a quick video

65" CX(Calibrated)
Denon AVR-S930H(7.2)
Dolby ATMOS Klipsch Reference Speakers
450W Down-Firing Klipsch Sub
PS4 Pro
Xbox One X(Project Scorpio Edition)
And my other goodies as nerd lol!


Damn duder. Love the horror posters.

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THANX! Im a HUGE horror fan so lol

I’m very jealous of some set ups here


I am jealous

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LoL thanx man. I love entertaining guests on movie or game night

Optoma CinemaX Pro on 120" Grandview Dynamique ALR Screen.

Denon AVR-3700H

Definitive Technology BP9060 L/R Towers (10" subwoofers built in) Standing on IsoAcoustics GAIA IIIs

Definitive Technology CS9060 Center Speaker (8" subwoofer built in)

Definitive Technology SR9080 L/R Surrounds

SVS Prime Elevation Height Speakers x 4

Xbox One X Scorpio Edtition

Amazon FireTV Cube 2nd Generation


Simple not to expensive setup

55” LG E9

3.1.2 LG Atmos Soundbar (Gonna add rears soon)

Xbox One S (Sold my One X and grabbed my spare)

PS4 Slim (Sold my PS4 Pro and grabbed my spare)

PS3 Super Slim

Switch Lite

Vita Slim

Xbox One Elite v2

I used to have framed gaming related posters on each side of the tv but recently one fell and shattered glass all over my systems and now my furniture and elite v2 have glass scratches all over. So I took them down until I buy new mounting hardware, I was using some 15lb adhesive but that didn’t hold.

The Series X will replace the One S and the PS5 will go where the handhelds are. I can’t wait to get rid of the PS3 but Sony hates its legacy so I can’t.

Don’t know what to do about the wires yet but I’ll fix it when the new consoles arrive.


I’m looking to upgrade my set up when I get my Series X.

Things I’m looking to get are.

  • A new headset. I currently use the Hyper X cloud IIs. I’m leaning towards the new Astro a40s
  • Elite controller V2. I’m just worried they bring a new one out not long after.
  • A new monitor. I primarily play at my desk and use a monitor but I want to grab one that I will get the most out of Series X. So If anyone has any idea which would be the best for it please let me know!
  • Bunch of other things like new keyboard, mouse etc.
  • Cable management solutions

Just my desk configure. I have a 50 inch Hisense next to my desk but I prefer to game at my desk. Also have a decent PC but don’t really game on it.

P.S sorry for bad Iphone pic


This is an awesome setup, looks great!

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This has style.

I hope you place your armchair a little bit less near compared to the photo …

This is how I have my chair when I game. I’m 1.85m in length and I can just rest my heels on the furniture in front of me.

Also replaced the 2013 LG TV with the LG OLED C9 yesterday. That’s a huge difference. image