Senua's Saga: Hellblade II is releasing May 21st 2024

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At the Developer_Direct show Ninja Theory has shown more gameplay for their upcoming third-person action game Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. Besides new footage, the studio from the United Kingdom also revealed the release date for the game.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is releasing May 21st. It will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC’s, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Game Pass.




Digital-only is no good. I see niche Japanese games get physical on Xbox, so an important first party release not getting it is really inexcusable.

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Looks amazing but I wish there was dismemberment and decapitations in the game. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, hyped for May 21st!!!


Yeah , digital only sucks. Hope that this doesn’t become a trend with first party games.

My hype peaked with its first ever showing and has slowly descended to tamed anticipation over the years.

I’m not sure it’s going to be quite the leap I was expecting after Microsoft purchased them but I have no doubts it’s going to be a technical marvel.

Happy for the studio that they finally feel ready to release it. Can’t wait.

They didn’t say anything about the puzzles and stuff, I know some people didn’t like the puzzles at all, so I guess it remains to be seen if they are in it or if they changed them or just remain similar.

I honestly don’t know why they would keep those puzzles, they mostly felt like an excuse to add gameplay elements for their limited resources at the time, why would that be needed again… I assume they’re doing without them since we haven’t seen them. Overall I already see more variety in encounters and environment interaction as their “scope” increase instead of length and scale.

They mentioned puzzles at the end

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I will watch again. I was in party chat with friends and well…folks just can’t shut up basically, lol. I clearly missed this.

Oh. I thought it would be a bit bigger… Not crazy big, but more than the old one.

No physical is a bit boring, not even a collector thing?

Game Pass for me!!! :joy:

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The game looks great, the bad part is no game disc is a deal breaker for me and so I’ll have to wait until it is very cheap, before I play it. I buy nothing that is over twenty that is online only.

Can’t judge the development without knowing how long have they been working on this game, they made a game after Hellblade right? but it was created by a small part of the studio or?

If it’s been in development for 6-7 years then i think they didn’t waste their resources smartly.

Honestly i hope the game will be somehow succesful, maybe by getting a 9+ score and some word of mouth advertising but imo it looks like it’s going to bomb sales wise at least

They spoke on the puzzles. they said everything has leveled up including combat and puzzles in the game.

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They totally said puzzles, I’m just not a huge puzzle guy and not a lot of puzzle games really hold my attention(I just feel dumb playing them).

They’ve said the development team was around double the size of the previous game, which would put it around 40-50 people. I think them churning out a game like this with a small staff is pretty impressive.

Also, I haven’t played the original game but I can’t imagine wanting to play 20+ hours of a game that appears pretty mentally taxing.


I’m fine with 8-10 hour playing time, especially for a narrative heavy, intense game like this. As long as it is high quality, which it is, I’m satisfied. My favorite game last year( HiFi Rush) was only like 10 hours and loved it. Not every games has to be Starfield or God of War in terms of play time. Also, 8-10 hours is not much shorter than a 300 million dollar game called spider man 2( the main story at least).


I’m expecting the game to take me around 15 hours or so. to complete.