Senua's Saga: Hellblade II - Gameplay reveal

Showed my wife when watching 4K on an OLED, there are times where we forgot it’s a game. She’s not an avid gamer but was blown away by the trailer

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That was so far above anything else shown visually that everything other game’s cinematic trailers were lower quality than this gameplay trailer. Unreal.


Give me Hellblade 1 combat with these graphics and I am good

Combat will surely be one notch up from the previous. But graphics and cinematics is the real deal… And the sound :heart_eyes::notes:

Rahni Tucker is co-directing. Combat is gonna be gooooood.



I managed to convince the guys live that we need to play through the first one.:joy::joy::joy:

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For people curious about the combat: Melina and the animation team is working with the guy who worked on Game of Thrones and Star Wars. The combat in Hellblade 1 is going to look like childs play compared to 2. I can feel it after watching the behind the scenes combat training. Sword fights are gonna be so satisfying I can feel it.

Watch from 4:14 onwards


Only gripe is that the face isn’t as mind blowingly realistic as the 2019 video. That shit was borderline live action. Then again that was an extreme close up with a blurred background vs like 10 npc running around on screen. Should still be able to match that level of fidelity in similar conditions.

God damn that fire tho. Looked amazing. The the torches reflecting in the water. The crazy detail on the rocks. That creepy ass music. Bravo NT


It was downgraded as expected, Senua face and everything else in 2019 reveal was on another level. this is why i don’t like In game engine lol still it looked good it’s most next gen game in term visuals we ever seen

as for gameplay reveal look like they went with a mix of cinematic and gameplay.

but why no release date ?

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It’s not downgraded, watch it on OLED in 4K.


look i’m not going to argue on this, i know most of games got downgrade from all devs. if you think it’s not downgraded then let’s us leave it at that. i’m not going down to rabbit hole

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Because it’s like 1.5+ years away so why commit to anything?


at least give us initial year release.

Must have been a similar “downgrade” to the one that Ryse got.

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Why tho? So they can delay it?


yeah but ryse was not in engine game trailer ? didn’t they reveal the game with gameplay footage just like forza do it reveals ? we don’t have to forget Cryengine is the goat in terms of visuals

speaking of Ryse come on phil buy Crytek or fund Ryse 2

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This trailer nailed a few things, and that is atmosphere and sheer scale of things. The whole giant coming in section was directed phenomenally and the general sense of dread and characteristic Icelandic landscape, maan faaaaak that was good.

The sound design is top notch as expected.

The fidelity however is not as insane as 2019 trailer was, things like subsurface scattering, more complex facial capture was not as readily visible in this one, but all of which I expected from day 1 anyway. Still might get there in 2023-2024 but yeah, 2019 trailer is still unmatched.

What was the biggest letdown was the lack of actual gameplay outside… running and throwing spears. Wanted to get a peek at the melee combat, but saw none of that. But it makes sense in context because the subject was a giant and there’d be no decent swordplay you can do or showcase against that big Boi lol so it’s fine, hopefully E3 2022 we get something more concrete.

Narratively I’m very Intrigued too.

All in all, definitely promising on several fronts. But the lack of combat was definitely felt.


i think you should expect 1 year delay for all games at this point

I had the same kinda feeling when I first saw the deep down reveal 8 years ago but the only thing different is this time I know is what you see is actually gonna be what you get. This game will be second to none in its immersion. Anyone watched it on an OLED? Can you tell me if it actually scorched your eyeballs?

the game probably set to release in 2023/2024m i think we should wait for gameplay trailers in 2022 or even 2023 lol, look like they haven’t finished designing core gameplay loop yet. also if they are sticking with cinematic mix gameplay then that is more cinematic than sony games lol

The combat is going to be ‘brutal and real’, they’ve had the actress train in combat for 2 years and are still doing motion capture for it.

I think this is going to end up one of the unique third person games with the absolute highest visual fidelity. Ninja Theory are perfectionists.

There’s a difference in a trailer that is only focusing on facial animations as opposed to an actual demo of the game that has gameplay and cutting through cinematic seamlessly.

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