Sega Wants to Release More of the Atlus Game Catalog on New Platforms

OH DO YOU NOW? Boy, what a novel idea…


About time but I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s about time Xbox got some Atlus love.


We’ve known this for a while now. Its a matter of when than if.

Imagine the entire Persona Suite coming to Gamepass lol, that’d be insane. Not like I’m personally a big fan of the series as I haven’t played it myself but the novelty of a very popular and successful jrpg series just existing in the Xbox ecosystem would be something of an achievement in itself.


Persona on Xcloud with touch controls would be a killer app. It’s one of those rare highly rated AAA games that isn’t latency sensitive and who’s game design would work without a controller. I could see Persona on Xcloud really catching on in Eastern markets.


Lol imagine the only way you could play Persona 5 on the go in japan is through Xcloud before it even came to Switch, that’d be a very interesting anomaly. :sweat_smile:

Looks like Japan is getting Xcloud sooner than we realized so let’s see how it fares there, based on that beta testing


yes sweet baby Jesus

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What a novel concept. :neutral_face:


Persona on Game Pass is going to happen in 2021 i believe.

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They’ve said this several times. I’m really hoping we get Persona 5. Maybe even Game Pass day one like with Dragon Quest XI S. Though I’d purchase it anyway if it wasn’t included in Xbox Game Pass.


Its inevitable that more Yakuza games and Persona are going to come to Xbox

I hope they bring the Shin Megami Tensei remake(s), too! Personally I hope for this franchise much more than Persona!


About time. I was fully expecting a few Atlus games to turn up on Xbox this year.

I’ve been slowly making my way through P5 and loving it. Having those games on Xbox is a no brainer.


I doubt Xbox is part of that discussion, though I’d love to be wrong. Switch most certainly is …

If they’ve now put them on PC there is absolutely no excuse to avoid Xbox now. Unless there are money hats involved that we dont know about.

Who knows, they might want to test the waters to see how Persona would do on the Xbox. We could get Persona 4 Golden after it did well on PC.

Yes, pls. Do it !

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Funny to see Atlus want to expand beyond the “Sony Nintendo Xbox bubble” when they haven’t done enough within that bubble yet

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I’d definitely give Persona 5 Royal a try on Series X, never played Persona before. As others said, it would be a pretty big grab for Xbox, especially for Asian markets I suppose.

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lol they’ve literally been putting Yakuza on Xbox and Yakuza LAD is a 5 month next gen timed exclusive on the Series X…

If Sega were smart they would look at their own sales.

First Yakuza wouldn’t even come out on Xbox. 3 games on gamepass and now Xbox accounts for almost 40% of the sales of the newest entry.

So stop being stupid and build an audience on other consoles and see your sales multiplied?

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