Sega rumours surfacing again


I know, I know, another Sega rumour? Ever since the first Xbox release we have had these rumours. But I came across some postings I wanted to share with you. Don’t call me crazy just yet!

Could it be there is an announcement of some sort, at TGS2020? Earlier Microsoft announced they would only show already known games and info.

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You can discuss this rumour all you like, but to my knowledge, it’s not accurate.


Yeah, just saw him posting this on Twitter as well:

They aren’t buying sega. But that tweet is hinting at something isn’t it? Still iconic…sounds a bit of a hint…sega games on gamepass?

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We live in a world where Xbox just dropped $7.5B on Zenimax. Anything could happen. Don’t think it’s an acquisition or anything like that though, no.

Sega themed Xbox series?

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I think that MS is posed to double dip, and buy Playground Games again.


can you confirm that Remedy is not one of the two studios you heard? I’m so interested in them coming back down the road and do not want them joining Sony.

Ok I get it. So this is what Jeff Grubb was talking about. Spending alot of money on something that wasn’t an acquisition. It’s probably a partnership to put their games on Gamepass which would be insane.

He said that was Zenimax, he was wrong about it not being an acquisition


Oh and lets not forget the hint from Brad Sams. Posting a picture of a real hedgehog the other day.

Same blue lol

Yo, if Microsoft buy Sega, I’ll get OP a £10 xbox gift card!

Otherwise, I’ll be like Wom you terrible person for getting my hopes up :wink:

Sadly not expecting this to be true :stuck_out_tongue:

Always thought it was kinda weird/random that they’d promote this blue controller. Haha not a color you’d normally associate with xbox.

People keep finding funny references.


How old is that picture? Haha

If it were actually happening, they wouldn’t be doing these cheeky tweets.

I love that blue, just wish the back wasn’t white. Hopefully that color will be available on the new custom design store when it reopens

What is the relationship between Sega and Atlus?