SEGA, Bungie Among Many Studios Considered for Acquisition by Microsoft to Bolster Game Pass and Mobile Efforts

Originally published at: SEGA, Bungie Among Many Studios Considered for Acquisition by Microsoft to Bolster Game Pass and Mobile Efforts - XboxEra

Microsoft had considered SEGA, Bungie, Zynga, Niantic, and more to bolster their Xbox Game Pass lineup “both on and off-console”. Per The Verge, in internal documents related to the FTC v. Microsoft hearing, in 2020 Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer had expressed a potential acquisition of SEGA SAMMY to Microsoft CFO Amy Hood and CEO Satya Nadella because of SEGA’s “well-balanced portfolio of games with global geographic appeal” and to help “accelerate Xbox Game Pass both on and off-console.”

Along with SEGA, other companies such as Bungie, Niantic, Zynga, Thunderful, and others were listed as key targets for a merger and acquisition in 2021. Many of them were listed for their mobile gaming experience which has been a target for Microsoft’s Gaming division for some time and one of the major contributing reasons for the current Activision-Blizzard King acquisition the company is currently pursuing.

Courtroom proceedings for FTC v. Microsoft are to resume tomorrow.

Thanks to The Verge’s Tom Warren, click here for images and more details.


Some of these will still happen.


Think the most likely is Sega, IO and Playrix


SEGA and IO would’ve been better than activision blizzard.


Easily prefer Capcom but Wouldn’t mind Sega. All those studios are of no interest to me. Come on. Go get Techland, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and People Can Fly!!!


Please add Sega Saturn and Dreamcast backwards compatibility and put Sakura Wars games in the program :stuck_out_tongue:



what’s with the gif

I agree from a gaming standpoint, but from a business standpoint nothing tops Activision


after this news I am seeing people are concerned Sega games would be exclusive to Xbox. I dont think that would be the case. I think if it ever happens than most established Sega games would stay multiplatform

If you mean for your tastes and mine too tbh, then sure but for Xbox long term goals there literally isn’t a better acquisition that MS could make than ABK


It would be a pretty amazing way to ruin the value of the IPs you bought. Making Persona Xbox-exclusive wouldn’t make Japan want to buy Xboxes.

Incidentally, Like a Dragon and some Atlus titles are the only ones I’d really want to buy day one, so this would work out splendidly for me!

That’s enough. MS now has more than enough studiosat their disposal. Let them deliver great games. Ideally I would want all third parties to stay this way. But Sony started this BS cutting deals left and right so MS is obviously going to do something about it

Sony fanboys are against this just because Sony doesn’t have the dough. Otherwise. Konami, Capcom, Square, From software and many more would be part of Sony.

Fanboys would tell you that it was due to organic growth…

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For us? Yeah! For Microsoft? Nope.

Everything will be Xbox/ PC only. Don’t be naive.

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I don’t think they see it that way. When game pass is triple digits millions, then they can ask themselves if its enough.


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They don’t have enough until they have content that appeals worldwide

Right now, they don’t have enough that appeals outside the West

I’d love for them to rebuild their relationship with Remedy and acquire them if possible. There are a number of other studios out there that could be a great score for them.

Not a fan of them purchasing any more publishers though. If this ABK deal falls apart, then sure, I hope they target Sega. However if they get ABK, I don’t think it would be good for them to acquire any more publishers. One publisher buying three others is a bit much IMO and at that point, the concerns of consolidation hold more water. That and I don’t want to go through another year+ of the tired discussion of will they, won’t they in regards to exclusives. I say this as someone who would love for them to get Sega, inject money into the company, and revive plenty of awesome Sega IPs, but only if the ABK deal doesn’t go through.


They were on the list.