Sega bringing back Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio

I guess single-player focused IPs are out of the options for this ‘super games’ stuff.

Because multiplayer is a hot thing right now and modern age gamers love high engagement. Watching other people play, co-op, including guest characters etc… Gaming is becoming very social.

No “cloud” game is gonna be single player focused lol

Battle royale Crazy taxi and JSR ? :phil_unsure:

Are these gonna be GAAS games…? Well I hope to hell and back that they are not overly intrusive…

And “could be cancelled”? XGS should step in and ensure that doesn’t happen!

If microtransactions ruin this, at least we have Bomb Rush Cyberfunk coming.

I love it. Crazy Taxi is perfect for an online game with the crazy physics. I worry about replayability. But you can increase the replayability of Crazy Taxi easily by making racing stages.

I always thought RGG Studio could be a good candidate for JSR. Or Crazy Taxi.

I, unfortunately, think this has failure written all over it.

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Yeah if the idea is to “become the next Fortnite!!!” then I am getting the feeling of not much passion being put into these

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Yeah, the financial expectations of Fortnite make me weary that some exec would pull the plug pretty quickly if it’s not making insane money. But I’ll take a wait and see approach.

Yo @Shpeshal_Nick, what are the details, you are the SEGA guy

NFT, its time boys

I mean atlus are the outliers who arent helping sega at all by leaving so much money on the table. Sega can come out and say they want to multiplat company but they need to make sure its consistent. Soulbhackers 2 is a step in the right direction. But too many times a cheap xbox port of games like P4U and strikers or smt nocturne have gone completely missing.

Fortnite , metaverse and NFTs . These are the ingredients to make the perfect little flop .

A Jet Set Radio Supergame, wasn’t that rumored to be powered by Azure thanks to MS partnership? Count me in Day 1, my wallet is ready!

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Crazy taxi I can see being a fortnite business model. But JSR, idk, seems like a a waisted opportunity to turn that franchise into a live service game. I’d rather have a quality single player with maybe an added multiplayer mode.

I wish

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I am immediately in on both. I’ll gladly pay the $70 for each if I have to.

More games like 13 sentinels sega (port it to xbox as well) and less gatcha and gaas crap