Sega bringing back Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio

As a massive Sega nerd from the Master system right up until the Dreamcast this is amazing news! I hope they dont screw it up


@Shpeshal_Nick know any details?

I think Crazy Taxi should have stopped after the 2nd game. I simply can’t wait for a new JSRF mind, more so with Ueda-san back at SEGA

ive only played 1&2. Sunk hundreds of hours into them on Dreamcast.

I have all 3 but to be honest for me the magic was with the 1st game. The 2nd game was ok and the 3rd not bad, but not a patch on the 1st. I loved that game in the Arcades and in the home.

Can’t not wait for JSRF 2 mind, I hope SEGA remaster the OG XBox game too

Jet Set in a living breathing city could be really off the chain. Cant wait to see how it turns out!

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Exactly, there’s so much they could build on with JSRF. I hope they brink back users being able to design and upload their own tag art and also include Oille King as a unlockable extra

Never played JSR but heard good things

Played Crazy Taxi on ps2 a couple of times but it just felt super shallow to me, although it was originaly an arcade game used to take money from people iirc so I can see why that might be the case

Xbox needs to make JSR exclusive.

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Can’t agree with that. It’s a pretty niche franchise and needs release on all platforms to ensure its success imo.


I mean it can get away being on pc and xbox and gamepass.

These days niche games are better off being on gamepass because youre more likely to engage with it

The yakuza series would have sold poorly on xbox and pc because they came out years after the ps releases. Gamepass is what gave thst series 2nd life.

But yeah i think multiplatform is the best way to go. Just not a ps exclusive. Thats worst case scenario.

This is part of Sega’s “supergame” strategy, they want as big an audience as possible and want that fortnite money

I dont expect any form of exclusivity with these

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PC / Game Pass / Xbox is huge enough userbase by itself. If it comes to the next gen consoles only, PS5 is not big enough to matter.

Though I think Sega is gonna go multiplatform (looking at success of Yakuza and other games) and Microsoft won’t force exclusivity on that.

Well they are creating a multiverse essentially with all their games. Similary how Square Enix is doing right now.

Cautiously optimistic here, I love both JSR and Crazy Taxi but I don’t know what to expect from today’s Sega…does Sega have enough teams to make those games in-house or will they outsource them to other studios? :thinking:

Hopefully we will learn more about these projects later this year (studio, scope e.t.c.).

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Hire Platinum to make JSR online and see the world burn :fire:

I wonder which sega team is working on jet set… or if its beinf farmed out

I’d temper your expectations…

Fortnite has become the role model for such games: free to play, it’s available across platforms, hosts large multiplayer contests and includes extras like vehicles, construction and social events on top of the usual combat, spurring player purchases of in-game items.


I can easily imagine

Crazy Taxi

  • Various purchasable vehicle
  • Various cross over passengers
  • Various driver skins
  • Ads

Jet Set Radio

  • Various character skins
  • Various grafiti
  • Ads
  • Some in-game concerts

JSR is the closest one to Fortnite if the implementation is decent. Imagine Ryu making graffiti on the wall :joy:

I am so excited for JSR because it’s one of m favourite games ever

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Hyped for Jet Set!

I wonder what a game like this would even be like in modern gaming though :thinking: