Seagate announces 2TB and 512GB Xbox Series Storage Expansion Cards

New 2TB and 512GB Seagate Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X|S

The Seagate 512GB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S is available for pre-order today from Walmart in the United States for $139.99 USD (US Dollars) and will launch mid-November. For other markets and availability, please check your local retailer.

The Seagate 2TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S will be available for pre-order in November for $399.99 USD and will launch early December. The Seagate 2TB Storage Expansion Card will also be the next product featuring the Designed for Xbox Limited Series badge, ensuring premium product quality, performance, and design.

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The 512 one aint bad for Series S owners but the 1GB goes on sale for like 180 at times so idk whats the better option here.

I hope this doesnt mean xbox is tied with Seagate for storage options for another year tho. They promised more options a year ago and Im not sure people meant just by Seagate lol.

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The 2TB option will be a must in the future, eventually, once it’s on sale for a reasonable price :laughing:

Now, if only I could get my hands on a bloody console! I mean, more storage options is great. Thumbs up. But I still can’t go on the Xbox store & buy, or even pre-order their new console & it’s been out for almost a year now. This kinda sucks.

Pretty much my thoughts too, if you can get the deal on 1TB ~ $190 that’s the sweet spot.

I thought they’d go with 2TB $450 (~ 2x the cost). As much as I don’t need the space, If I can get a 10% - 15% off deal on 2TB I’d buy one. I’d use the 1TB card for my niece/nephew’s eventual Series X system, but that’s a struggle with Scalpers at this time.

I wonder if they’re announcing it now because their exclusity is coming to an end?

Well, at least a 2TB option exists now.

Still waiting for the promised opening up of the licence to multiple manufacturers, and the bringing down in prices competition should bring.

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Lmao knowing Microsoft their options this year meant more sizes from Seagate.

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Haha probably.

$400 though… I think I’d rather buy a PS5 then.

Don’t forget to add in increased storage costs there too, unless the 660 GB storage is enough for you.

With the amount of games I would play on that console… yes it is enough lol.



You guys shouldn’t be suprised by 400, that’s what a standalone costs. It’s why I always wondered why you guys were in such a hurry to have a 2TB option.


Same here. If you wanted a 2TB and prepared to pay for it, then that is great for you and you got what you wanted. But for the people who were clamoring for it and are shocked at the price, like what did you expect when we already know the cost of the 1TB version lol.

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To be honest, I thought I would need a 1TB card but in reality the internal has been enough.

My internet is good enough that I can just delete and download whatever I feel like before I go to bed, ‘turn off’ to low power state, and in the morning it’s all set up.

I’ve got a price in mind I would pay, and that’s £150 for 1TB. If I spot a card on sale or on eBay for there or below I will go for it. But it’s not needed enough to justify more than that.

The price scaling is reasonable within this product line, as far as retail technology products go. For 81% more cost you get 100% more storage. You pay a little more for the lowest tier because additional base costs don’t scale down for half the storage. Maybe the argument should be around what the 1TB product price should be.

  • 0.5 TB $140
  • 1.0 TB $220
  • 2.0 TB $400

Now compared to commercial off the shelf non-guaranteed and non-sustained speeds is a different discussion.

In the US there were occasional deals for 1TB at $190, currency converts to £138, so £140-150 range hopefully happens for those on that side of the pond. (Yes, I know it’s not a direct matter of conversion, but used it to get a rough idea of range).


Here the 1TB version cost $299… Prices on the other ones not up yet.

I don’t think they are overpriced per se, perhaps a little, but not outrageously.

I do think they could be a bit cheaper and still be profitable, though.

Right now you can get NVMe SSDs of on-paper higher-spec around £130 for 1TB.

On one hand, the SSD itself is not that high spec in the Xbox one, on the other hand, it has a custom controller, the CFE connector, the high-quality finish custom chassis and so on … add and subtract it all up and £150 does not seem impossible, but perhaps £175 sort of price might be more reasonable.

I think if competition entered the market, someone would be offering one for around that price.

But like I said, £220 is not really outrageous – I don’t need it enough that I can sit it out and wait for it to come down.

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No matter who makes it it’ll still be a proprietary MVME SSD form factor (that I personally love because its conviniently small and its hot-swappability).

These things are very expensive I’m not sure a different vendor would be much cheaper.

still too goddamn expensive