Sea of Thieves reaches a new milestone as 25 million people have played the game

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Back in March Rare reported 20 million players had played their shared world pirate game. Now, 7 months later, Rare can report another milestone. Over 25 million players have entered the dangerous waters of the Sea of Thieves. Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, Steam and the recent Disney expansion A Pirate’s Life a whole set of new players have discovered this game by Rare.

Joe Neate, the executive producer of Sea of Thieves shares the following message on Xbox Wire about this milestone:

The pirate ranks of the Sea of Thieves continue to swell, as we’re happy to announce that we’ve reached the auspicious milestone of 25 million players! With the introduction of Seasons earlier this year, and our epic crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, we’ve seen a huge influx of players casting off for the first time and enjoying all the new features and content. We’re going to need a bigger boat…

Sea of Thieves Creative Director Mike Chapman also has his own, personal thank you to share with all 25 million pirates who have set sail and made stories within our pirate paradise. Cheers! 🍻

— Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) October 19, 2021

Now, it seems the story for Sea of Thieves is all but finished as Rare keeps adding new content to the game.


What are the concurrent or active players though because I played it for about 3 hours 3 years ago and haven’t gone back.

Currently lower than before. But they had around 5 million monthly active players in June around the launch of the A Pirate’s Life expansion.

Sea of Thieves and Game Pass : a match made in heaven.

It’s crazy to remember how barebone this game launched and how now it’s unstoppable.

Every new GP member will try this game at one point.

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Not a SoT guy, just not my thing in multiple ways but there’s no denying it’s a beast

I wonder what the next cross-over will be, iv seen people mention Monkey Island and One-Piece, this would be very cool and massive imo, is there anything else big that involves pirates?


Off the top of my head:

Assassin’s Creed 4, Peter Pan, Sid Meier’s Pirates and Zelda Wind Waker.

I’d love a Captain Hook & Peter Pan cross-over.

If we wanna jump on the Sora x Smash hype, Kingdom Hearts had Pirates of the Caribbean content.

man i am very happy for the success of Sea of Thieves. 25 million is a lot of people. congratulations to Rare for the milestone. :clap: :partying_face:

obviously total numbers are different than active numbers, but they still got 5M new players in around 6-7 months. SOT only has like 5 crews on a given server so its never that difficult to come across other players even if MAU are lower.

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brooo a One Piece collab will honestly be bigger than PotC :fire:

Yep, One Piece is huge

Peter Pan would be another great one

The rest of those, not so much

Unless it drops below 25 players total it will not matter.

Also, pretty damn good for a 69 MC game…


Aren’t maps 24 players max?

My bad, unless the population reaches below 24 players total it will not matter :wink:

They’d have more players with PvE only servers.

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They would.

They will almost certainly do a crossover with Monkey Island too, but I also think a Peter Pan crossover makes a TON of sense in the future as well.

No, they wouldn’t. It’d ruin the main game mode.

For some. For others it would vastly improve it.

Which is why the option should exist for the gamer to decide.

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