Sea of Thieves reaches a new milestone as 25 million people have played the game

It has not ruined any of the MMOs I’ve played where it is either different servers, or integrated into the game in ways that give players a choice of what to do.

I know 10’s of people who quit or didn’t even bother because of the PvP. Especially families with kids.

You remove one of the fundamental pillars of the game’s design by removing the PvP threat. MMO’s are typically not built around PvP as core design pillars like SoT is.

I played EVE Online for 10+ years, the game is very much built around PvP but there was still a ton of options for PvE focused players to do that without much disturbance. Unless you had a wardec on you, highsec was pretty safe. I also know the mentality you describe, as I once was a pirate in EVE too :wink: It’s always about “pvp”-players who wants easy targets, that’s all.

PvP is central to all the core pillars of SoT though. There are solns to stuff like PvP griefing beyond private servers. :slight_smile:

When SOT launch i would have never guess it would be this big but here it is it has like the same number of player as ESO 25 million.

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A One piece Crossover would get me to play it again.

Its clearly not a 69 MC game now is it. At launch yeah…game was lackluster and mediocre. This is not my type of game but they’ve clearly improved upon it greatly. One day I might play it again.

Ahh thanks for reminding me on one of the reasons why I quit playing the game. Absolutely fucking annoying PvP aspects. I hate PvP in MMO’s. I’m more of a “lets play Gears horde and fuck the MP” guy.

Neat. Glad ya guys know better than Rare does, what with 25mil players in the bank and all. :wink:

Thst could account for people who played it for 10 mins.

And praise the game now sure. Game was a barebones borefest at launch.

Don’t talk to me about rare. Once a great company now seemingly MMO merchants. Credit to them for fixing SoT and making it successful. But they should be putting out way more AAA games.

…which is why their latest game has been their biggest success story. Makes sense. Glad ya got it all figured out.

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Hopefully rare figure out what they want form their future. No doubt they’ll be working on one game for the next 20 years. What an incredible purchase from MS buying this company that’s put out masterpieces like kinect adventures and banjo nuts and bolts.

MS purchased a company that has a game more than 25 million people played.

That alone made the purchase worth it, even disregarding how successful the kinect was for the 360.


I knew I had that guy blocked for a reason. Kudos to Rare and their success.

I’m telling yall, one piece collaboration in Sea of Thieves would be bigger than PotC. Even Japan would get in on this big.

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But not all games should be about player choice, sometimes it’s better to focus on less and what the dev actually wants to make.

I’d argue that’s exactly what happened to gears. They tried to have multiple mp modes so everyone had an option to play, and the result was that they all just decided to play something else.

SeaOfThieves PvE: It’s literally the same game, they don’t even need to load different maps, just prevent player damage to other players/ships, and when cashing in chests anyone who touched it and their party splits the reward.


So literally a toggle button that says no pvp lmao just like fallout 76. Crazy.


People decided to play something else cause the pvp in Gears isnt appealing to casuals and they dont focus on the PVE enough.


But that’s not the game they wanted to make, nor the balance that they wanted.

It’s literally the same game, but one extra mode to maintain, and will split the userbase, which can potentially lead to neither mode having a healthy population.

It’s ok if you don’t like what they have now, not every game needs to be for everyone and lots get objectively worse trying to be.

PVP in gears 1 was a sensation on Xbox live.

Then they started adding modes with lives because some folks didn’t want to die and sit through an entire match. Then they added other objectives because some folks didn’t want to eliminate all the teams, then they added pve modes because they felt the pvp was losing steam…

And the result is that over the years the MP of the series died, while R6 Siege that basically focused on a lot of the same points that Gears 1 had is thriving and a permanent presence among the most played on consoles.

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Because Siege has like 50 operators, is primarily objective based and doesn’t reduce itself to a shotgun fest? Idk kinda clear to see why its thriving.

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