Sea of Thieves IOTI Toss a coin to yer pirate, oh plenty o' booty

I enjoy SoT when I play but I really wish they made it more solo friendly. I would also love to see a third person view added like we saw No Man Sky able to accomplish.

I’m a clumsy pirate yoho. I’m known for the “do the Opatschi” Once I had the task to jump from the crows nest on a enemy ship while having a explosive. I land on the desk and screamed “IGNITE” only to notice my crew in front of me. To late we all where send to the Ferry of the Damned.

Apparently I jumped on or ship and didn’t notice. We lost the fight but the memories are for eternity

This is me I’m the festival pirate. Admire me!



That‘s why I love this game so much. Even if I screw up and we lose, we still get a good laugh out of it. Most of the times.

Love your style by the way.

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This doesn’t seem to have been posted on here yet

Make sure to play battletoads just to get this cosmetic set

Sadly they havent given a time frame

Had to scan through a couple times to double check it wasnt a mistake. But its not. Dogs in Sea of Thieves



Oh no, my poor wallet.


New GH voyage type?! :o

Puts a smile on me Rathbone’s face.

Just realised that we are very close to the year anniversary of the pirate emporium and pets in sea of thieves(and i still havent bumped into an anicent coin skeleton)

First of all, damn how fast does time pass

But main seems a fitting time to add dogs to Sea of Thieves

Sigh… take my money again.

Doggos :green_heart:


Ayee I met my Crew in real life yesterday. I love this game. NO JOKE. Can’t wait for the future. The fact I can stop playing whenever I want and get back into it without any handicaps compared to the other people made this possible.

I firmly believe this game has made a lot friendships. Soo good.

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Ayee I got all me shark teeths :yum:

My sister, a coworker and I have formed a pretty tight crew. This game is so good, cantnqait to see what it looks like on the series x!

Yeeee a 60 fps / ray tracing mode would justify a series x day one looool

This and faster load times. If you want to join a crew of friends that are already sailing and you haven’t started the game it takes forever. We’re constantly joking that you could finish half of a Tall Tale before someone else joins the crew. The SSD will be a godsend.

I can’t wait for the content update this week.

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Update day


I love update day. Everyone is )old hoarder emissary out of their mines right now. Just ended a session and sank 3 of them - level 4 & 5. Not even server hopping. Just natural and organic.

Glad you didnt catch me :wink: level 4 gold hoarder solo slooper last night

Manage to find the vault on devils ridge last night. Sadly i was too busy picking up gold and exploring the vault not realising how little time i had to find the medallion and stop the vaults mechanism, so got locked in the vault and drowned alive. Thankfully i managed to move 2 marauder chests and 2 captains chests outside the vault perimeter, so it wasnt a completely wasted journey

Damn i am so close to pirate legend, 1/4 level to go with gold hoarders