Sea of Thieves IOTI Toss a coin to yer pirate, oh plenty o' booty


Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at an OT. I hope you like it and if not help me improve it. I chose to make it a little vague on purpose because that’s exactly how the game welcomes new players.

The images are drawn by me, obviously using official art as a template. Feel free to submit better fanart so I can change those pictures and evolve the OT to something that great game deserves.

And please feel also free to give me feedback on my “poems” and even make suggestions. I will gladly implement the into the topic and I will give credit of course. Don’t hesitate, I am not a native speaker and I will not feel insulted if you think that some (or all of them) are cringey or outright bad.

I consider this OT work in progress, so feel free to participate.



This OT is amazing!

I have never quite been able to get into this game because I am usually a solo player and the game is still a bit difficult by yourself.

I think when the game launches on Series X and is 60 FPS I will try and really get into it.


Thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback.

Can’t wait for Series X as well. 60 FPS and faster load times will make this game even better.


Very nice OT, for one of my fav game ever!

I remember the beta, it was sooo empty, but already so interesting!

Honestly, I think SoT is the best MP IP this gen, can’t count the hours I spent in it with my crew It’s gorgeous, smooth, incredible DA, I love EVERYTHING in this game…

I play on PC (2080 ti - 8700k - 16Go) or One X, it depends, but my crew is Xbox only and cross play is flawless

I tried it on Xcloud beta here in France, it was good, not as good as local hardware but still good

Just one thing to make it better: melee combat, it must be more precise, more reactive

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Sea of Thieves has been the game to keep in touch with my friends during lockdown. Currently restrictions are lifted somewhat in The Netherlands (and the fact that it’s summer) I play a little less, but I plan on sailing the seas again when the evenings get darker.


Thats a beautiful OT for a beautiful game, well done @noesch


Great OT! I love this game and it’s only going to be getting better!


Hi @noesch - great OT, and welcome to XboxEra. I’m a pretty big Sea of Thieves fan, and your OT made me want to add some features to the site to allow you to centre some images etc. I hope you find them useful.

Also, for those who doubt how good Sea of Thieves is, I did a very lengthy review of the game in 2020.

Also, is the image for the sloop a briggy on purpose?


Today is the fifth anniversay of Rare Replay, so the fine people from Twycross published this on Spotify (and yes… also on TikTok)


Thank you so much. These features look awesome. I gonna check out the review too, although I’m already sold on the game (You might have figured that).

The image I used for the sloop is from the official website. At least the template is. It’s the ship they call a sloop in game. I know it’s not a sloop but I’m just gonna ride with it :sweat_smile:.

@SuikerBrood Thanks for the heads up. Definitely gonna try to find them.


Anyone know what the 5 rare items are for the 5 year anniversary of rare replay? 20 days left on the quest.

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I’d love to know too. Anyhow I’m gonna embark to Sunken Grove soon, for that’s the quest for today.

Found a walk-through last night. 4 Islands with paintings of Rare characters that already exist and the Perfect Dark Achievement are the 5 items.

Maintenance is over.

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Nightshine Bundle looks nice. Will definitely check it out.

I’ve found all the paintings from the anniversary quest before, so it wasn’t that hard to find them. Except for the Battletoads one. I knew I had seen it before on Snake Island but it took me almost an hour to find it again.

This month will be a QoL update. Expect a bigger update in September.

Nice OT!

btw SoT is the killer app for Gamepass streaming/xCloud

It makes SoT couch coop and it is just AMAZING

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