Sea of Thieves Community Sail |OT|

Oh and thanks for the offer as well Tavish :heart:

See I would pay them to rent a private server just to play about unmolested regardless of progress. It depresses me so much its such a pretty game and it keeps me away :slight_smile:

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The plan is to keep it going til well into the next morning to accommodate our Euro folks. Ya could get in some time to sail unbothered with your daughter if ya can join us too. I’m confident we could get the other sailors on the server to not pester ya guys while ya explore some Tall Tales or Ashen Lords or whatnot! :slight_smile:

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Oh so you can do the tall tales, its not even completely “empty”?

Yeah I think TT’s should work. Progress does not carry over to the ‘real game’, mind you, but my understanding is that the full experience of SoT is available. :slight_smile:

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I have always said, going back to alpha (and the one time I dared post on the founders forums) I would be more than happy with a progressless PvE server just to enjoy the relaxation of the game, it just looks and sounds and feels so lovely to explore.

Without that I just can’t play, except with friends (and I have few, even fewer who can play when I can) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now’s your chance! Might meet new ppl to sail with too.

6 pm time? Uhh in Germany it is? :smiley:

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Hmm 1 am. Hmm one hour earlier is not possible?

Same as me Flower, 01:00 so likely a 02:00 start once people get settled I guess, which means it would make more sense for me to hop on around 07:00 with a cuppa and maybe my daughter.

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We could likely start earlier if ppl prefer that. :slight_smile:

Note that we also plan to have the server for 6+ hrs or more if that helps.

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Many MMO dungeons, Raids, Destiny runs over the year have taught me we never start on time, :smiley: Best case we would be chatting and playing instruments for an hour before we did anything else

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I could jam to Robin Beanland’s music for ages!

Wouldn’t be the biggest problem if we would startearlier :sweat_smile: Normally I stay up to a max of 4 am.

We can shift the timing as ppl need. I just need to know what time to pick in the next 20 hrs or so from now. :stuck_out_tongue:

We could start around 1pm CST too probably (i.e., 5 hrs earlier than planned).

Anyone take issue with 1pm CST? Time Zone Converter 6pm Usa — Every Time Zone

I have to warn you Im kinda a bad boy

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Would that clash with the Live Podcast? Not thats thats a bad thing, we can play and listen I guess.

Don’t use me as a reason, but rather awkwardly I tend to spend the early evening with my family and better half so I wouldnt join until 20:00 - 21:00 UTC anyway. Whatever you chose I will try my best to join in, its a lovely idea for a community shindig.

The 1pm CDT (7pm BST) possibility was actually Jon’s idea, so presumably it’d line up with right after the podcast I’d imagine. And you aren’t the only one making me think that time could work better. It’s probably the ideal way to get as much coverage as possible.

Someone should tell @XboxP3 too. Surely he ain’t busy this time of year right? :stuck_out_tongue:


So this may be a good test run for a big community / charity stream we’re hoping to do later in the year.

I’d like to reserve 3 spots for me n’ me crew on a Briggy if possible! I’ll stream from our viewpoint up to the podcast going live later in the evening.

There may be ‘prizes’ for crews that successfully take us on and win…


I’m participating :eyes: but honestly I need my crew :frowning:

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