Sea of Thieves Community Sail |OT|

ATTENTION: We might need to start 2 hrs later than planned due to a hiccup in the host’s schedule. Trying to find alternatives in meantime tho. Just wanna let ppl be aware!

Ahoy! I know peeps in the community have been wanting to do another Community Game night and after pulling a few strings I was able to procure access to a private server for anyone so inclined to set sail on Saturday, the 22nd (yes, THIS Saturday!) starting at either 1pm or 3pm CDT (7pm or 9pm BST) and going until the wee hours of the night and into Sunday morning to accommodate the international chaps.

If anyone has interest in getting together to hang out on the high seas and get to know your fellow XboxEra forumites, this could be a great chance to do just that!

To participate, just post here letting me know you are interested. Also, if you wanna bring your own crew, that works too! Just say so and let me know how many ya are bringing ahead of time.

Note: Your character will not earn progression that carries over to your normal game character while on the private server.

Timezone details here! Find the time that best suits you and lemme know which one ya folks wanna start with! Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click

My current thinking is we could start 1pm CDT (7pm BST) and get decent coverage of players.

We can get a max of 6 ships set up, and as of now we presently have:

The Black Hurl (Brigantine)

  1. Sikamikanico
  2. xTomcatx
  3. KingBartlett

The SS Catastrophe (Brigantine)

  1. tavishhill2003
  2. UKCAD
  3. …open spot

The Violent Cartographer (Brigantine):

  1. malignantera
  2. BnZs Doghouse
  3. …open spot

Cortana’s Revenge (Brigantine):

  1. Opatschi
  2. Lamptramp
  3. Naeje

Malachor V (Brigantine):

  2. Kage_Maru
  3. OneBadMutha

Hoping for at least 1 more crew! My suggested ship name for this crew shall be…The Violent Cartographer. Any takers? :smiley:

In need of crew + maybes:


Well you already know I’m down! That is midnight for me which is perfect! Thanks for the start time mate felt like I was taking the piss when I asked on chat :joy:

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How many are able to play on a private server? up to 16 like a public one or just 4 alone?

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At a given time max is 24 players (4 per crew on a galleon, up to 6 ships per server). Public one is also 24 atm btw (they upped it a while back).


I am so excited for this been wanting to meet more of the community for a while :innocent:

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Awesome, I wonder if a member from our team that is capable of streaming would be able to be there for it. If I played on PC I might be able to, but I’m not sure if I am going to be around this weekend.

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Is Kage (Mike) going to be at this thing? Last time we spoke he sounded like he was ? Don’t want to drop him in it tho :joy: @KageMaru ?

Yeah I’ve been looking so do some combat with some here for a while… >.>


Also serves as a great chance for ppl who never tried the game or don’t get to play it much to give it a shot without it being too stressful. cough @Cerysnetics cough

I fixed the OT typo


We can twist his arm enough to do it, surely. @OneBadMutha too. :smiley:

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Sounds like a plan ; )

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Made it in a rush, heh.

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That’s actually pretty cool. I’m not sure if I can guarantee a time to join tho. Wish you all the best, I’m sure it could be fun. :slight_smile:


Ppl can join any time once it starts up. Provided there are open spots, which I assume there will be from time to time.


I’m going to install SoT on my laptop in-case I can join in and stream it for the channel.


Even better! :slight_smile:

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I think we might already have a stream going live that day, so I might just try and join to play if I’m able to.

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Yup, think the main crew has their next live podcast Saturday! :smiley:

Would be cool for peeps to check that out and then maybe set sail after!

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@SuikerBrood You are big on SoT right? Ya should join us! And @Opatschi too. And @Sikamikanico of course should consider sailing once the team is done with their live podcast. :wink:

You coughed?!

from 18:00 Central? 23:00 UTC, which is 01:00 for me…

Possibly I could join, but that’s late for me I am no longer young :slight_smile: Sure If I can join in I will. Though I suspect it would be closer to 07:00 our time, over some breakfast.

05:00 UTC if anyone for the right side of Greenwich is still playing :smiley:


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